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We hope you have begun to notice positive changes to your Midtown location. We are happy to announce updates to the following facility improvements:

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Planning a barbeque or family gathering during the summer months is a tradition that builds memories to last a lifetime...but what to cook that won’t bloat your waistline, and still satisfies that craving for tasty summer fare?

Nothing too heavy, nothing too hot. Don’t forget to include these fresh flavors in your summer flavor repertoire for crowd pleasing results (and added health benefits) time after time.

As the heat intensifies and we sweat more easily, a great way to replenish fluids is by snacking on water (and nutrient) dense melons. And don’t fret about the calorie count. It’s fruit after all, and at under 100 calories per serving you are keeping it cool and slim all at the same time.

Keep watermelon cool in the refrigerator and slice it as a refreshing treat, or turn it into a decadent tomato-watermelon salad for a more grown up palate pleaser.

Here in the Sacramento Valley we are lucky to have a plethora of local farmer’s markets to find locally grown melon at, so you can contribute to the local economy too! Any way you slice it, watermelon is an excellent go-to summertime snack.

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Rock climbing in the Sacramento area isn’t just for grown-ups. We want even our smallest family members to benefit from the heart healthy, confidence boosting workouts available at California Family Fitness, and our indoor rock climbing walls are a great entertainment and fitness value for kids of all ages. Here are 4 ways your kids will benefit from the rock climbing walls at Cal Fit.

Build Confidence and Overcome Fear

Growing up can be scary business! Allowing kids to move outside of their comfort zone in a safe and controlled environment will serve to build confidence, promote self esteem, and teach kids that overcoming fear is a healthy part of life. The rock climbing walls at Cal Fit are designed with safety in mind and offer all the latest safety gear, so even slips and mistakes can be a valuable and fun learning experience.

Nurture Problem Solving Skills

With so many different routes to the top of the ‘mountain,’ kids get the opportunity to test out their problem solving skills, and learn how to negotiate the smoothest route to victory. Indoor rock climbing is a great puzzle to be solved, and kids have fun trying to figure out the best way to navigate the path to the top. Stretching little minds toward creative solutions is great practice for facing challenges on the path of life.

Core Strength and Flexibility are Built-In

Climbing walls require strength, flexibility, and coordination to successfully maneuver. Practicing the skills to ascend a rock climbing wall naturally builds a functional, core-driven skill set that helps aid in all other sports kids may want to play. From football to soccer, and tennis to swimming, core strength and flexibility are a valuable part of playing safe and injury free.

Stay Fit While Having More Fun!

Rock climbing gyms are just plain fun! It’s not only like a giant puzzle that just begs to be solved, indoor rock climbing is hard work too! This low impact, endurance-style workout is easy on the joints, and helps keeps kids moving and burning energy while they rise to the challenge, pulling, lifting, twisting, and stretching their way to a lifetime of fitness.

If you want to get your kids involved in a sport they can enjoy for the rest of their lives, or just want to help them get some exercise this summer, visit one of our many Cal Fit club locations featuring a rock climbing wall, and get the kids started on a fun, challenging routine of rock climbing that will help them grow and develop, while having a blast at the same time!

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Parents, You deserve a break once in a while! Good news - we host Parent’s Night Out events at our clubs so you can leave the kiddos with us and enjoy a night out! With fun themes like Pirate Adventures and Campouts, your kids will be begging you to go out on more date nights so they can play at our clubs!

Child Care at Cal Fit

While you enjoy some quality one-on-one time, your kids will enjoy a fun and active evening in our Kidz Klub. Let our well-trained staff supervise your children and engage them with fitness activities, fun games, arts, crafts, and more!
  • Ages: 4-11
  • Cost: $20 for the first child, $5 for each additional child (of the same family)
Space is limited in each club, so don’t wait to sign up. Some of our upcoming Parent’s Night Out themes and dates include:

Natomas Club:
  • Saturday, July 26th from 5-9pm: Camp out theme. Children will be making smores, telling campfire stories, going on a scavenger hunt throughout the club, enjoying delicious campfire food and much more camp out fun!
  • Saturday, August 30th from 5-9pm: Mad Science theme. Bring your science enthusiasts and inquisitive minds to this fun and interactive PNO.

Carmichael/Arden Club:

  • Arden has a Parent’s Night Out Event every 2nd Saturday of the month! Our next one is Sat. August 9th.

For more information on these and other events, please visit our Kidz Klub Activity Guide!

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You don’t have to travel far to feel like you’re on vacation. Enjoy a relaxing stay in beautiful South Lake Tahoe this summer with our Fit & Fun Summer Giveaway. Now through 7/31 enter to win 2 nights at the Hyatt Regency, a $200 gas card (to help get you to and from), and a Cal Fit membership for the Summer Individual membership. Then sit back, relax, and soak up the sun in Tahoe.

How to Enter:

  • Click here and “Like” our Facebook page
  • Complete your entry form between 7/17/14 and 7/31/14 at 12pm PST
  • After you complete your entry you’ll have the chance to share this giveaway with your Facebook friends and receive 1 bonus entry for every Facebook friend who enters.

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We know you love your kids and value the time you spend with them. But sometimes it’s okay to spend time sans kiddos to remind yourself that there is life beyond snack time, nap time, playtime and bedtime. In fact, as a mom, you probably need time away for your children once in a while to remember the amazing woman you are and the immense possibilities that, in fact, did not disappear now that you’re a mom.

Why It’s Important to Spend Time Without the Kids

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Between work, school, sports, friends, and errands, it can be hard to make a delicious home cooked meal every day for your family. The good news is, you don’t have to sacrifice good food when you’re on the go. You just have to plan ahead and set yourself up for success. Follow these tips to help your family eat healthy when you’re busy.

Always be Prepared
Planning ahead can save your pocketbook, diet, and sanity in the long run. Store a small “survival kit” in your car with dried fruits, nuts, granola bars, and water bottles. You can also add in protein powder packets (that simply need water) for an on-the-go meal replacement.

Fall in Love with Your Slowcooker
We know it can be hard to think about dinner at breakfast time, but tossing in all your ingredients into one pot and letting it simmer on low most of the day means you get to (finally) relax in the late afternoon.

Keep it Simple
Every meal doesn’t need to be 5 star restaurant quality. A grilled chicken salad over fresh greens and veggies is a great healthy summer meal. You can add bold flavor with simple ingredients like lemons, black pepper, garlic, mustard, and other spices. For more bold flavor ideas, take a peek at Whole Foods’ Add Flavor, Naturally guide.

Order Ahead
If your hands are tied and you must eat out, instead of heading to the nearest fast food chain, opt for a local restaurant or cafe and call your order in for pick up. You can also have fresh seasonal produce delivered straight to your doorstep from local farms using Farm Fresh to You.

Frozen in Style
Your freezer is crying out to be filled with healthy meals! Take a few hours each month to prepare and freeze home cooked meals that can easily be thawed and cooked. You don’t have to pre-cook everything, you can freeze chopped veggies, chicken stock, and beans to throw into a pot for an easy dinner soup. Check out these 18 freezer meals from Delish.

For more healthy meal ideas, read our Easy & Healthy On-the-go Lunch Options blog. If you need assistance with developing a healthy diet to fit your goals and needs, speak with one of our Certified Personal Trainers.

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Due to a major repair that needed to be made today, the pool at the Greenhaven location is currently closed, and all Aqua Aerobics classes have been postponed.

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We hope you have begun to notice positive changes to your Greenhaven location. We are happy to announce that this facility will receive approximately $250,000 in upgrades and repairs during the remainder of 2014. The following list are examples of our focus:

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We hope you have begun to notice positive changes to your Midtown location. We are happy to announce that this facility will receive approximately $250,000 in upgrades and repairs during the remainder of 2014.

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We know it can sometimes be challenging to keep your kids active all Summer long. Our kids’ generation is experiencing a phenomena we never had to deal with; an overabundance of sedentary activities that they prefer over good-old-fashioned imaginative play. So, it’s time to start planning some fun and exciting activities for your kids to do for the next few months. The bonus, you can do these activities with your kids to get the whole family up off the couch and engaging with each other.

Head outdoors for a family fitness challenge

The winner of each challenge gets to choose how many push-ups the runner ups have to perform; 2, 3, 4, or 5! Make it easier for the kids by having them perform a modified push up on their knees.

  • Set up a backyard obstacle course using household items such as cardboard boxes, Tupperware, hula hoops, or pillows. Have each member of your family sprint around the obstacles. Make sure there are spots where kids have to crawl, hop, roll under or spin around. Here are some more ideas for building your backyard obstacle course.
  • Have a wheelbarrow race (parents, hold your kids feet as they walk on their arms). Helps strengthen arm, shoulder, back, and stomach muscles while also improving your communication skills as well!
  • Play hopscotch (perfect for sidewalk chalk). Use bean bags, keys, or a sock filled with dried beans for tossing. This helps your kids improve coordination, balance, and problem solving skills, while they have fan and burn off energy.
  • Have a hula hoop-off. Get shimmying with this entertaining kid friendly activity. It’s a great cardio workout, engages your abs, and helps improve balance

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When I first became a member of CalFit, I was an avid class goer.  I loved the energy and vibe from the instructor and working out in the group setting.  I decided to leave the group setting and try to do the fitness thing all on my own.

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Come take part in the patriotic, family fun of the 54th annual Folsom Pro Rodeo.  Hot rodeo action and spectacular nightly fireworks … July 3, 4 & 5.  It is your chance to see the bulls and the broncos run wild….and the cowboys only chance for fame is a long 8 second ride. There is also kids mutton bustin’, free style motocross and live music nightly! Kickoff the rodeo weekend with Folsom’s famous cattle drive right down historic Sutter Street on July 2 at 6:00 pm.
For tickets and information click on and use the promo code: Calfit14

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In honor of Independence Day, California Family Fitness will be observing holiday hours. We hope you & and your family enjoy the holiday weekend. Please see below for club specific operating hours. 

Club Hours: 7am – 7pm

  • Arden
  • Carmichael
  • Citrus Heights
  • Elk Grove
  • Folsom
  • Greenhaven
  • Howe
  • Laguna
  • Midtown
  • Natomas
  • Orangevale
  • Rocklin
  • Roseville
  • Sunrise
Club Hours: 7am – 3pm

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Before I started my program with California Family Fitness, I was 50 pounds overweight and 36% body fat. I was on medication for high blood pressure, had very little energy, and fatigued easily doing simple chores like walking up the stairs in my home. I was depressed with the body I had morphed into. Worst of all, my family had become embarrassed by my physical appearance, too. Ouch!

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Join us for a Youth Strength & Conditioning Summer Camp!
Camp includes 3 one-on-one training sessions as well as weekly group training sessions. Build a solid foundation for proper body mechanics and nutrition to increase performance and fitness level. To sign up, pre-register with the Fitness Manager.

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We'll host your next birthday bash!

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Attention Members:  TomorrowJune 21st & Saturday, June 28th, the majority of the parking spaces at the Midtown location will be unavailable due to tree service. Please park in the UC Davis garage on-site during these two days.  

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Nothing says summer quite like the State Fair! Now through July 3rd, you can enter to win a California Family 4 Pack including: 4 tickets to the State Fair, 1 parking pass, 4 midway passes, and a 3 month California Family Fitness membership for up to 5 people. Come celebrate summer as a family with us!

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Pick up your Kick Start card from the front desk or your CFF Membership Coordinator. You then have 30 days to participate in a range of activities to earn stamps on your card. Activities are as simple as checking in to the gym, and as challenging as participating in one of our many Group Fitness classes or Personal Training programs. Upon completing your first card, you'll automatically receive a custom Cal Fit t-shirt. Any cards completed will be eligible to enter into a monthly drawing (at each of our locations) for a fitness prize pack valued at $250.  The winners from each club will then be automatically entered into a quarterly SUPER PRIZE drawing.

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