10-Minute Exercise Tune-Ups

At California Family Fitness we encourage you to fit in exercise in 10- to 15-minute bursts or whenever you possibly can. A little exercise is far better than none at all. When you’re short on time it's best to make a quick mindful plan on how to fill activity into the nooks and crannies of your active daily schedule. 

It's amazing how just 10 minutes of  stretching or lifting weights after a rough day at the office can help alleviate tension and help you to de-stress naturally. Even ten minutes of brisk walking in sunshine can kick your mental cobwebs to the curb, allowing you to breathe deeply and focus inward. And you deserve it!  

Jump-Start Energy in 10 Minutes

Implementing 10-minute workouts will boost your confidence and, suprisingly, a lot can be accomplished in 10 short minutes. Once you prioritize manageable exercise sessions, you won’t be disappointed in missing your workouts, instead you’ll still reap the benefits of a mini sweat fest. When you finally get the chance again, you can try a new class or sign up for a personal trainer to bump your fitness level to the next step.

What's the best muscle-toning workout can do in 10 minutes without equipment? There are so many! 

Three smooth rounds of Sun Salutations wherever you place your mat is a good start. Or even a short bike ride or the last half of an abs class at the gym can do the trick. A mini workout is far better than none.  

Short on time? Try Exercise Shortcuts 

  • Plyometrics are quick explosive movements (ike a squat jump) that can help you burn large amounts of calories in minimal time. Consider adding plyometric drills into a short walk or bike ride on the weekends. 
  • Before you even dress for work or hop in the shower, do 50 squats and 150 ab crunches. And add 100 jumping jacks for good luck! 
  • Skip the slow cool-downs to stay in a more effective, moderate exercise range. Do something intense enough to make you breath a little faster.  
  • Look closely at your schedule.You might just magically discover enough time for weight lifting sets, or bench work with dumbbells. 
  • Jot down your favorite standing Zumba combo in class and mimic it at home.  Music and movement is good for the soul. 
  • Stay on your feet to blast more fat. If you only have 10 minutes, then utilize muscles of your upper-and lower body, like cross-country skiing or rock climbing, to get the biggest returns. 

Ten- or 15-minute exercise shortcuts will help relieve stress and almost instantly rev your energy and blood circulation, which then helps shift your mood. When it comes to exercise, every little bit counts!

Have questions or need ideas on how to achieve quick workouts? Ask our experienced personal training staff about quick-and-efficient exercise routines!