3 Great Open Water Swim Training Spots in Sacramento

Training for a triathlon or other competition that includes an open water swim event is serious business. And if you want to succeed in hitting your goals like a pro, then you need to train like one.

Part of your swim training should take place in open water, where you know you’ll eventually end up testing your skills in the big race, but the other half of your training should be in a pool. Training in a pool allows you to work with a coach in a controlled environment, measure your time and distance more precisely, and safely drill your skills in poorer weather.

Sacramento has some great swimming holes for open water swimming, and also some great pool based swim training classes at our California Family Fitness club locations to help round out your development in true champion fashion.

Open Water Swimming Spots in our Area

Getting out in the open water is easy in the Sacramento Valley. Check out these great spots for working your swimming skills.

Lake Natoma

Located 15 miles northeast of Sacramento off of Highway 50, Lake Natomas is home to the Sac State Aquatics Program, and swim enthusiasts gather regularly to take the plunge (even in the winter!) at the Nimbus Flats State Recreation Area. The entire lake has a 5mph speed limit, so it’s a more mellow vibe than other lakes that allow motorized boats. But the Sac State Rowing team practices here, so make sure to check the team Schedule so you don’t get run over.

Folsom Lake

Granite Bay and Beale’s Point has great swimming and recreation. You can even bring the family to hang at the beach while you do your swim training. The water in the lake isn’t always at optimum height, and lifeguards are seasonal, so check the website to see if it’s a good time for swim training before you head out to the water, and always follow posted safety rules.

Note: Swimming in open water is always at your own risk, and lacks the benefit of a trained lifeguard on duty, should you need one to assist you in the event of an emergency. The Sacramento and American rivers are typically considered unsafe places to practice your competitive swimming skills due to the level of farming runoff in the water, the high number of motorized boats, and unpredictable currents.

Sacramento Open Water Swimming Pools

If the time has come to refine your skills and step away from the open water swimming spots into a pool environment, we’ve got you covered there too. Cal Fit has several fitness clubs that offer a pool. If you want to take your outdoor open water swim training to the safety and consistency of a swimming pool, check out these club locations:

No Matter what you are training for, there is plenty of places to prepare for an open water swim in Sacramento! Remember to stay hydrating, set short term goals, and stay focused on your goals! 

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