3 Things You Should Know About Youth Soccer

Goooooal! Youth soccer is a great way to keep your kiddos staying active by learning to be an athlete, understand how to be a team player, be a part of practices and games, participating as a student learning from coaches and fellow players, and more.

Whether you’re a veteran soccer parent or a newbie with your first kiddo joining the local youth soccer league, there are a few things we think you should know about youth soccer.

  1. The most meaningful work is done at practices, not games. By touching the ball constantly with their little feet through dribbling, juggling, passing, turning, receiving and shooting drills, a child learns the basics … and learns to improve his or her skills.
  2. Coaches are supposed to make games fun. But when parents are shouting instruction to the players, complaining about the referee, or moaning about the play of other kids, they’re behaving like they’re at a professional game. At a youth soccer game, however, it’s best to pull up a chair and simply enjoy the experience.
  3. Go out there and have FUN. Yes, sports are competitive and as the kids get older the competitiveness naturally becomes more intense. But even then, and especially at the younger levels, youth soccer – and all sports for that matter – are meant to have fun. Encourage your child(ren) to do his or her best and enjoy all that the sport offers.

The greater Sacramento area has fantastic youth soccer programs available for your child(ren). Be sure to check them out for the next season of soccer for your family!

And remember, at your local Cal Fit has leagues for kids and adults alike! Make sure to visit our Rocklin Sports Complex for sign up dates and league information.

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