4 Energy Drinks That Won't Screw You Up


blog-post_300x250_jesse-richardsonFrom Rocklin Sports Complex Fitness Manager, Jesse Richardson

When you think of a quick fix for your energy slump - do you think of caffeine? Most likely - yes. Did you know that consuming caffeine as a way to increase energy right before you exercise can have a negative effect on your workout? Read on to discover why...

What effect does caffeine have on your workout?
Caffeine is an addictive, fast acting stimulant for your central nervous system that can perk you up, and can increase your mental alertness. Whether it’s your morning cup of coffee, or the extra kick in your pre-workout drink, many of us crave that rush on a daily basis. When it comes to figuring out which pre-workout drink is best for you however, there is more to consider. Most pre-workout drinks contain vasodilators such as niacin and arginine. The purpose of these are to dilate your blood vessels, allowing for more blood flow to your muscles, resulting in increased performance. Studies have shown that doses of caffeine in excess of 100 mg (1-2 cups of coffee) have the just the opposite effect. While it may spike your energy level, too much caffeine will actually constrict your blood vessels, and ultimately inhibit your performance in the gym. So step away from your Red Bull and Starbucks venti beverage, and take a closer look at what is in your supplements. Then try one of these energy drinks for a healthier pick-me-up...

4 energy drinks that won’t screw you up:

  • WATER – okay this may seem like a no-brainer but many people regularly fall short of their recommended daily intake. Our bodies are comprised of over 60% water and when there is a shortage in your body, you feel it all the way down to your cells. Dehydration in its early phase results in lethargy, muscle fatigue, lack of concentration, and muscle cramping. So drink up to give your body the natural energy that it needs.
  • Coconut Water – this is a great alternative to your tall glass of water and is a little more exciting too. It’s high in electrolytes, high in potassium, and typically comes with no added or artificial sugars. It’s a great pre or post workout drink to keep your body hydrated with less calories than your typical energy drink.
  • Bullnox Androrush by Betancourt Nutrition – one of the few pre-workouts on the market that has caffeine low on the list within it’s proprietary blend. While containing a well–rounded supply of the necessities; Beta-alanine, creatine monohydrate, L-Arginine, and branch chain amino acids, Bullnox sets itself apart by also adding an herb called tribulus terrestris which supports the naturally occurring testosterone response to exercise. With only 150 mg of caffeine per serving, you can start by mixing a half a scoop with water 30-45 minutes before your workout.
  • Natural Energy Drinks – like Solixir and Scheckter’s are packed with vitamins and minerals and boast natural flavors with no artificial sugar added. If you must have caffeine, look for a natural energy drink that contains green tea, ginseng or guarana.

If you want to learn more about these beverages, read the full story here.

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