4 Fitness Tips for New Gym Members

 California Family Fitness


You have  taken the first steps toward a healthier and leaner lifestyle. We are here to propel you and motivate you in the months ahead. Take advantage of our personal training experts and tap into all of the inspiration around you at one of our 19 health clubs, in and around the Sacramento area.  


How to Maximize Your New Health Club Journey


Tip #1  Just Get Moving

You don’t need to run a marathon to see and feel nearly instant results from your new gym routines. And you don’t have to be a fitness fanatic to get enough physical activity to improve your overall health. In fact, we recommend starting off slowly to avoid burn out.  

Studies show it can take up to six weeks for a new healthy behavior to become a habit, so give yourself adequate time to acclimate to exercise - and get into a regular routine. Find 15 minutes each day to do something you enjoy, whether that is dancing, walking, yoga, etc. Consistency is key to achieving success so strive to hit the health club 4-5 times a week to ingrain that habit. 

Try our quick and effective short workout sessions.

Tip #2  Find What You Love

Find 10 minutes each day to try something  new or something you may really enjoy doing at the gym, from trying a Zumba class or swimming, to tapping into a new personal trainer for inspiration. Choose the activities (hopefully more than one) that challenge you but also feel right for your body and fitness level.


Tip #3  Mix it Up

Whether you want to lose weight, run your fastest mile, tone up or improve athletic performance, the reality is it’s important to mix it up for best results. 

Cardio exercise, strength training , plus core work and flexibility training (like yoga) all have advantages, and so many benefits that combine all the pillars of fitness. According to the American College of Sports Medicine, everyone’s fitness needs change with age but strength training becomes more important as your metabolism slows, bone density decreases and your muscular endurance ebbs. 

All of these modes of exercise collaborate to reduce stress levels, increase circulation and blood flow, improve your sleep patterns and may even reduce the risk of diabetes, obesity and some cancers.


Tip #4  Eat for Fuel

Working up a sweat is great but what you eat every day is critical for long-term success.  It’s inspirational to start feeling your clothes fit differently and see your new deltoids flexing back at you in the mirror! It’ll keep you returning to the gym and your favorite group fitness classes. 

Be mindful that a nutritious diet packed with vitamins and fiber will fuel all your workouts and help recovery. Try setting reasonable food goals to support and complement your new exercise regimen. Mobile APPs like My Fitness Pal can help.

California Family Fitness’s personal trainers can help create a customized program that balances all pillars of fitness. We offer one-on-onesemi-private, small group, and team training programs. Or, ask your club’s Fitness Manager for a complimentary consultation and we’ll be waiting to help you attain all of your exercise and wellness goals.