4 Healthy Activities To Do With Your Bridesmaids

With an upcoming wedding, getting the bridesmaids together for some pre-wedding-day fun is an excellent idea for some quality bonding time. Bachelorette parties have changed over the years. While a night out until the early morning hours having cocktails and clubbing may be fun, sometimes it’s good to change the attitude up a bit. Skip the group hangover, and start planning fun, active outings that everyone can enjoy. Who wants to shell out tons of money on a single night out, anyway? Here are four healthy alternatives that are fun, a great way to exercise, and perfect for some quality girl time leading up to the big day!       

Group Hike

Pack up some snacks and your hiking gear and take the girls on an excursion! Depending on the amount of time and wherewithal you have to certain hiking hot spots, search for hikes that are mile and difficulty appropriate to your group. Try Tall Trees Grove in Redwood National Park or one of the other twelve amazing nearby hiking hotspots in NorCal, courtesy of onlyinyourstate.com.

Team Workouts

Group fitness classes are an awesome idea to build rapport within the group, to break a sweat, and they could be a slightly competitive way to have some fun! Depending on the size of your group, call a week or so in advance and let the staff know when you are planning on coming. This is especially important if you plan on attending an indoor cycling class where bikes can sometimes be limited.Your other option with group workouts is to ask the gym if they would host a private workout class of your choosing with a Cal Fit group fitness instructor or personal trainer. Your group could have your own G.S.T. (Group Strength Training), Hot Hula Class, Kickboxing, or Yoga class! Afterwards you can take a quick steam or sit in the sauna before heading out for a healthy bite to eat!

Coffee Tasting Classes

Wine tasting in Napa? Could be fun, but why not try a coffee tasting instead? Sacramento is known for it’s extensive coffee culture. Indulge in the local brews in a tasting of various kinds and flavors of coffee, learn the skills of a barista, or take a class on how to make your home brewing easier. Temple Coffee Roasters, Inc. will change your coffee palate forever! 

Beach Adventure

Taking into consideration that the wedding day is fast approaching, a fun summer outing might be a good way to multi-task: Break out the picnic basket and get a tan! If you’ve “been there, done that” with your normal beach spot, try taking an adventure out of town. Surf, kayak, hike, swim, or just unpack the cooler and enjoy the summer sun! Beach day trips are an excellent alternative to long week-long trips where you might have to take off work.  

Whatever bridesmaid gatherings you decide to do, make sure it’s something the whole group is up for. And don’t forget, it’s all about having fun in anticipation of your wedding day!


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