5 Great Rewards for Meeting your Fitness Goals

15047_BLG_THB_RewardsFitnessGoalsAre you setting fitness goals? Goal setting is a behavior that can be very beneficial to get you where you want to be. By setting a goal, you begin to focus your attention on a desired result. Even the act of visualizing where you want to be is an extremely beneficial activity, whether your fitness goals are to lose weight, improve stamina and strength, or build muscle.

To put the power of goal setting to work for you, break down your ultimate goal into a series of smaller, short-term goals.

If your ultimate goal is weight loss, you can break this goal down into two smaller goals: improving your diet, and working out. Working out can be broken down even further: you want to work out five days a week with HIIT style cardio plus strength training.

The satisfaction of completing a task creates internal rocket fuel within your brain that energizes you to keep working towards your larger goal.

The good feeling of a job well done is great, but rewarding yourself for reaching your small goals can be one of the most effective motivation tools you have. Rewards don’t have to be big to have big results, either. Frequent small rewards earned for smaller goals are actually more effective than a big reward that requires a long, difficult effort. Cal Fit even has a great program that rewards you for meeting your fitness goals. Check it out here.

Here are five more great rewards that you can use for meeting your fitness goals, each and every day.

1. Rewards that Pamper

Pampering yourself with a manicure, pedicure, or a massage is a perfect way to congratulate yourself for a job well done. Sure, a professional massage or pedicure is nice, but a free one at home can work just as well to soothe sore muscles or pretty up tired feet.

2. Rewards that Delight

Instead of doing a weekend long Netflix-binge to catch up on your favorite show, make a single episode an evening your reward for a wonderful workout and healthy dinner. Watching a movie you love, taking time to read a book you’ve been waiting to read, or trying a new experience are all delightful ways to reward a small accomplishment.

3. Social Rewards

Did you know that your brain processes social interactions in the same way it does food? Your reward pathways are wired to get extreme pleasure from time with other people. Plan a fun hike with a friend, go out dancing, or get a group together to hit up the batting cages. Even meeting a friend at the gym to join you in a ZUMBA class will fire up the areas of your brain associated with pleasure and rewards.

4. Rewards that Relax

How does a warm bubble bath or gentle, restorative yoga class sound? If you have been working hard to reach your fitness goals, some time to rest and relax will be a divine treat. Don’t skimp on this: lavender essential oils and candles will turn your bath into a spa oasis. You deserve it, you worked hard today.

5. Rewards that Encourage

For your bigger milestones, rewards that encourage your fitness journey are a great treat. A sponge roller to ease aching muscles, a new pair of gloves for lifting, upgraded running shoes, or new workout apparel can reignite your enthusiasm and passion for you fitness routine.

By setting, reaching, and rewarding yourself for your fitness goals, you set yourself in motion for continued success and a lifetime of good habits. That’s something worth celebrating!

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