5 Healthy Meals to Make With Your Kids

Remember what dinner was like growing up? The clamoring of pans, the smells from the kitchen, and the bustle of chatter at the table?  Despite the level of distraction the advent of ipads and cell phones has introduced, meals today should still be a coming together and a way for the whole family to eat nutritiously.


Preparing meals with your kids at an early age will get them in the habit of not only helping out at home, but learning what is healthy eating, and how to work together as a team to prepare a delicious healthy meal. Not to mention that cooking together is just a fun way to spend time together! After an active day, everyone will need meals that taste good and that keep everyone in the house healthy! So, let’s get started!


Taco Tuesday: Fish and Avocado Taco Recipe


When you get the group together to make your first meal, divvy up responsibilities with kids getting an appropriate task like laying out the tortillas, scooping the yogurt, mayo, or lime juice. Make sure to save the cooking part for the older kids and adults! Safety first!


Breakfast for Dinner: Allergy-Friendly Pancakes: Gluten, Dairy, and Egg-Free Pancakes


Not everyone in the family can eat every meal, so seek out options like this allergy and intolerant-friendly breakfast for dinner recipe. Swapping dinner for breakfast can also add a new element to dinner-type meals making it a fun way to eat! Try eggs or waffles next time!


Pasta Night: Zoodles and Turkey Meatballs


Speaking of fun ways to eat, trade out regular pasta dishes with this zucchini variation. It’s an awesome way to sneak veggies in while adding a playtime-like tool with the spiralizer. Kids can ball the meatballs together and you can cook the noodles!


Za’: Pizza Skewers


Have a family that loves pizza? Like an edible puzzle, have the kids put their own pizza skewers together! One by one, let them stack on the sausage pieces, tomatoes, and dough squares onto each wooden skewer. Fire up the grill and serve with marinara! Check out cookinglight.com for more easy pizza-type recipes!


Paleo bites: Baked Chicken Nuggets


Save time and money with this quick and yummy paleo chicken nugget recipe! Kids can combine all the “breading” ingredients, or pour out nugget dips into small containers. Dip the nuggets in Paleo Leap’s dill ranch dip, BBQ sauce, honey, or even mustard! Cooking together doesn’t need to take up the whole day! For more quick and healthy eating tips, read more here!


**BONUS: Dessert: Chocolate Banana Protein Mug Cake


This gooey, indulgent dessert recipe is actually incredibly healthy and packed with protein! On top of yummy, kids can almost make this entire recipe by themselves-but of course, you’ll want to be there to help them eat it!


Family cooking teamwork gets the job done, is educational, teaches kids how to break down a project, and is absolutely delicious! Our favorite recipe is the mug cake since it’s super easy and you can make a new one every week! Kids will have fun planning out meals, and deciding which mug cake to end with! Keep healthy eating interesting!