5 Reasons to Join Group Fitness Classes

blog-thumb_group-fitnessIt’s true, people join gyms for a variety of different reasons including weight loss, personal training, gym amenities, building muscle, or even just accountability to keep working out! Whatever your motivation is for joining a gym, if accountability or weight loss are on your list, you’ll love our Group Fitness Classes. Bonus: all classes held in our Group Fitness rooms are free with your California Family Fitness membership!

  1. No Fuss Workouts.  When heading to the gym, you may feel overwhelmed by the process of choosing what equipment to use, for how long, and for how many repetitions. Group Fitness Classes are a “no-planning required” solution for getting a great workout with guided instruction and tips from a Fitness Instructor. All you have to do is show up!
  2. Slim Down.  Our Group Fitness Classes are designed to train, tone, strengthen, and improve overall health. Many classes such as Ab Attack & Cardio Kickboxing focus on increasing your endurance, balance, & flexibility as well. Depending on your fitness goals and current health, we can help you pick the right Group Fitness Class that will challenge you safely.
  3. Have Fun. It is said that two is company, but three is a crowd; we think great things happen when crowds gather! Our Zumba and Glow Aerobics classes are like a big dance party with your friends. Plus, it’s a lot less daunting to try new moves and poses when everyone else is doing it too. Working out shouldn't be a chore, and group fitness classes give you the chance to find a fun workout that you enjoy!
  4. Accountability.  Another benefit of a Group Fitness Class is that you have both your peers and your instructor rooting for your success. There is something empowering about knowing that others are keeping tabs on you and it’s your responsibility to show them you’re committed. The motivating instructors will help keep you engaged and excited to come back each week. The routine, accountability, and support that you will find within group fitness classes can help keep you on track for meeting and exceeding your fitness goals.
  5. Learn Something New.  Group Fitness Classes are a great way to learn a new skill and step out of your comfort zone. So if you’re stuck in a fitness rut, a new group class could be just the ticket for spicing up your routine. Try an exciting class like 20/20/20 (a HIIT training classes), Sports Conditioning, X-Bike, Tai-Chi, Pilates, Yoga classes, and more!  

Find out more about all our Health & Fitness Programs and let us help you find the right Group Fitness class (and your favorite new way to exercise!). Contact the fitness specialists at your local California Family Fitness location today to get started!

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