5 Tips to Staying Focused on Fitness Goals

Reaching your fitness goals requires focus and dedication. Maintaining this dedication can be tough sometimes, but the results are always worth it. Improved fitness, better health, a smaller pair of jeans -  no matter what your fitness goals are, here are five tips to help you stay focused to reach them.

Set Metric-Based Goals

Metrics motivate. Setting metric based goals allows you to easily track progress of your fitness level and identify areas that need improvement. Metric based goals allow you to take a vague concept and turn it into a tangible trackable action. Instead of saying “I want to be more fit,” you can say “I want to run a 10k in under an hour.”

What sort of metric based goals can you measure?

  • Muscular Fitness (Number of pull-ups, push-ups, or crunches)
  • Aerobic Fitness (Distance to run, bike, swim)
  • Balance and Flexibility
  • Endurance
  • Calories In and Out
  • Body Measurements and Weight

You can use these (or any other) metrics to reach your fitness goals. First, identify where you currently stand in any given metric. Clearly set an end goal. Break this goal into smaller, easily achievable steps.

Find a Gym Near You

It is easier to stay focused on your fitness goals when your fitness center is near your home, school, or work. In one study, close proximity of exercise facilities was related to a significant increase in intensity and duration of physical activity in undergraduate students.

For best results, find a gym within 10 minutes of where you are. California Family Fitness has many conveniently located clubs in the Sacramento area including Carmichael, Elk Grove, Folsom, Natomas, Orangevale, Rancho Cordova, Rocklin and Roseville.

To supercharge your fitness routine walk, jog, or cycle to the gym to burn extra calories. This activity will be a great warm up or cool down, and allow you to dedicate more gym time to your workout.

Seek Guidance and Support

While the personal desire to improve your health and fitness comes from you only, guidance and support from others can help you stay on track.

Personal trainers can be an excellent resource, no matter what your fitness levels and goals are. The guidance and support of a personal trainer can’t be beat. Trainers are for anyone and any situation, including:

  • New to the gym - get help setting goals and the right tools to reach them
  • Stuck in a rut - Breakthrough plateaus and reach your goals
  • Special occasions - Personalized programs for your wedding, vacation, or marathon goals
  • Health Concerns - Guidance through injuries or health related restrictions

California Family Fitness offers a unique training program to its members that combines the personalized coaching of a personal trainer with the support and accountability of a group. A Body Fit group works out together as a small team to achieve personal goals, and at a lower cost than traditional training programs.

Take your fitness goals online, and use a mobile app like Fit Bit or an online support group to keep you motivated to reach your goals. Virtual or in person, having a support system will help you to keep focused on your goals.

Practice Forgiveness

Nobody is perfect. Life is messy, and you are bound to encounter interruptions along the way of your fitness journey. Don’t let an injury, special occasion, or slip up derail you from continuing towards your goals. If you do  miss a workout, fall of your Clean Eating routine, or get hurt, be kind to yourself. You are not a number on the scale, a thigh measurement, or a mile ran. You are working on improving your fitness and the way you feel by embarking on this journey, so pick yourself up and get back to the gym.

Don’t Waste Your Financial Investment

When you invest in something, you value it more. Your gym membership is an investment in your health and fitness, so don’t waste it. You wouldn’t throw away actual dollars, but by not going to the gym and using your membership you are not taking advantage of your investment.

Even if you are not in the mood for a workout, California Family Fitness clubs have amenities beyond workouts that are worth your time. Soak in the spa or jacuzzi, relax in the sauna or steam room, enjoy a beverage from the juice bar, get a tan, or experience a hydromassage.

California Family Fitness members have access to every club in the area, and all amenities each location offers. Once you have arrived for a relaxing spa experience, you may find yourself motivated to work on your fitness goals, after all.