Active Family Date Night

blog-thumb_member-perspectiveMy family and I are relatively new to the Sacramento area.  We have been living here for a year and a half.  Although we have no family in the area (or in the state of California), we have made some amazing friends.  However, finding time to connect as a couple – husband and wife – with children is the biggest challenge for us.
Dating my husband is a goal that we have for our marriage.  However, the added challenge of finding a sitter, dinner, bedtime routine, and more puts a kink in the romance department.  This is where our membership to California Family Fitness has been a romance saver.
I have mentioned that one of my favorite things about my family membership is the amazing child care.  The great thing about this is that my husband and I can utilize their child care and talented certified staff to reconnect with my husband.
We often do date night as an active fitness activity.  We have been doing p90x3 together at home… but when we want to shake things up a bit, we take it to the gym.
We enjoy our active date nights playing racquet ball, basketball (game of horse anyone?), or a fun strength circuit challenging each other.
Sweating, giggling, and reconnecting with my husband while our children are happy and safe in the Cal Fit childcare is how we do date night.
Connecting with each other.  Working out together.  Playing together.  Fitting in fitness together. We are doing it together.
Instead of the usual dinner and a movie date night… we enjoy an active date night.  Doing something together that we both enjoy.
Do you workout with your significant other?  Have you considered an active-fitness date night?
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