Become a Cal Fit Swim Instructor

Interested in a summer job with California Family Fitness? We'd love to help you learn to teach swim lessons! Find out what it takes to become a Cal Fit swim instructor below.  This information has been updated for the 2022 swim season.

BlondeCoach3BoysAll swim instructors and pool management staff are required to hold Lifeguard and Aquatic Swim Instruction (ASI) certifications. As a Cal Fit employee, these certifications are provided at no cost to you -- a $400 value!

Please note the following MANDATORY prerequisites.
All participants must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age by the first day of employment.
  • Demonstrate the ability to perform the following swimming skills:
    • Front Crawl–25 yd
    • Back Crawl - 25 yd
    • Breaststroke - 25 yd
    • Elementary Backstroke - 25 yd
    • Sidestroke - 25 yd
    • Butterfly - 15 yd
  • Maintain position on back 1 minute in deep water (floating or sculling).
  • Tread water for one minute.


Lifeguard Aquatic Swim Instruction (ASI) Classes

Get started now with Lifeguard and ASI classes! Each session includes three classes, materials, and CPR & AED certifications. Please come prepared to get in the pool and swim. Bring snacks, water, an extra towel, and a warm change of clothes.

All sessions are held at our Natomas Location from 8AM-5PM
3880 Innovator Drive Sacramento, CA 95834

Participants can attend any of the below sessions to become Lifeguard and Aquatic Swim Instructor (ASI) certified, but must be able to attend all class dates for a given session.

Lifeguard Session 1 

April 12–13 | Tue-Wed

ASI Session 1 

April 14–15 | Thu-Fri

Lifeguard Session 2

April 28–29 | Thu-Fri

ASI Session 2

April 30–May 1 | Sat-Sun

Lifeguard Session 3 

May 12–13 | Thu-Fri

ASI Session 3

May 14–15 | Sat-Sun

Lifeguard Session 4 

June 1–2 | Wed-Thu

ASI Session 4

June 3–4 | Fri-Sat

Lifeguard Session 5 

 June 24–25 | Fri-Sat

ASI Session 5

June 26–27 | Sun-Mon

For more information or to register, email us at before attending a session.MaleSwimInstructor