6 Benefits of Hiring a Personal Trainer | CalFit Sacramento, CA


blog-post_300x250_fitness_oneononeWe’ll bet that one of the most beneficial perks at your gym that you’re not using is a personal trainer. So why haven’t you hired one? Maybe you’re too embarrassed to have someone critique you. Or perhaps you don’t think it’s worth the investment. Trust us, the benefits of investing in a personal trainer far outweigh any reservations you may have! Here’s why:

  1. They keep you safe. It’s fairly easy to injure yourself during a workout due to misuse of equipment, poor understanding of proper technique, or pushing yourself further than you ought to. Your trainer will guide you through proper technique and show you how to safely use gym machines. 
  2. They know their stuff. Not all routines are created equal and what works for your friend, may not be the best routine for you. Your trainer will develop a personalized exercise plan for you based on your fitness level and goals. Tap into their knowledge base and be open minded to trying new things. 
  3. They are a built-in motivator. It’s like having a personal cheerleader every time you walk into the gym! Your personal trainer truly wants to see you succeed and is going to have your back, literally. 
  4. They don’t let you quit. Your mind will give out before your body does, and your trainer knows it. They will not accept “I can’t” as an option! Their job is to keep you from throwing in the towel when it starts to get uncomfortable. And yes, you’ll thank them later. 
  5. They can be your sounding board. Your trainer knows that becoming physically fit and becoming emotionally fit often goes hand-in-hand. Don’t feel bad for venting during your training sessions - if something is bothering you, get it off your chest. Better yet, channel those emotions into your workout, and you’ll be surprised at your ability to get’r done!
  6. They’ve seen it all. Your inner critic is telling you: “you’re not doing this move right”, “your pants are too tight”, “ you’re sweaty and stinky”, “why do you make that awful groan whenever you bench press?”....Who cares?! No seriously, stop worrying about it! Your trainer is not judging you, so quit being so hard on yourself and focus on getting stronger!

So, next time you think a personal trainer is “unnecessary”, take a minute to remember all the benefits they bring.

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