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brian-armstrong_blogFrom Folsom Fitness Manager, Brian Armstrong

Anyone can get back into shape, whether it’s losing 15lbs or getting back to the size you were before the kids arrived.

In my twenties, I was a super athlete doing everything from volleyball to basketball and then some. After the kids arrived, I turned to some really bad habits (like smoking and drinking), and with that came about 47 extra pounds. One day, just like everyone else, I woke up and decided it is time for change. I quit my job at the time and got hired with California Family Fitness. Now most of you wouldn’t go to the extremes I did, but making the decision to join a gym can be just as extreme for people, let alone actually coming to workout.

So it’s day one and you’re at the gym and completely overwhelmed with everything there is to choose from. What’s next? Your next move is going to determine your success and how you approach the rest of your life. Do I wing it and try to just figure it out by watching other members, or do I consult a professional? I tried to wing it and do what I did when I was in my twenties and let me tell you, your body doesn’t react the same at 40 as it does at 20. Not to mention I was doing all the wrong exercises to try to reach my goals of weight loss and to just feel better about myself. I decided it was time to use my Fitness Assessment with a Certified Personal Trainer and I received all of the facts on where I stood health wise. The point of this is, utilize the Fitness Assessment so that you know all the facts and can attack it intelligently to see results.

Second thing to remember – anyone can get back into shape! Also, ask yourself – are you self-motivated, or do you need help? If you need help at the beginning of your journey, I suggest you get it; you will see better results. Now if you can self-motivate yourself, then get started, but remember this – asking for help is not a bad thing when it comes to the rest of your life.

Don’t let plateaus or pure fear of not knowing get in the way of your overall health. Remember everyone can get into shape; it is never too late to make a change for the better! If I can do it anyone can! I invite you all in to get your Fitness Assessments today, come see me and we will start you on your new life!

To speak with Brian, contact the Folsom club at (916) 932-0100

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