Body Fit Class Review

Body Fit Class ReviewOver the past few months I’ve become borderline obsessive about Body Fit classes. I’d like to go over why as well as recommend some of the coaches that really stood out for me for different reasons. 

Why do I love Body Fit so much?

Sure, I’ve P-90X’ed in the past. Once or twice. Here’s the problem, I don’t work out consistently unless I have accountability. Body Fit gives me that. Not just accountability in showing up to the gym every day when it’s been committed to my schedule, but having that expert there every step of the way increases the intensity of my work out every minute that I am in that gym. I don’t walk on the treadmill or elliptical because I’m not in the mood for a “real workout.” They tell me what to do, and I do it, as hard as I can until it’s over. It’s seriously that simple. I love Body Fit because sometimes I need that push. I am human, but despite my love for powerlifting and HIIT, I need that push sometimes too. I love the variation. Having my trainers takes the preparation time out of my fitness routine. I can focus at home on other things knowing that my trainers are ready with a routine that I’ve probably never done before, let alone in the last few weeks. Muscle confusion. 

Body Fit and I have a love-hate relationship. At times, I dread going. I know it is going to be extremely challenging and that I will desperately need a shower the moment I finish. I also know that I, as well as my coach, will push myself to my limits physically.  But, with a good fitness instructor, you should be doing all of those things, plus all of the perks: I will feel really confident, I will have pride in what I am doing with my day because of what I’ve already accomplished, and most importantly, I get fit. Faster than any other workout I’ve ever done. 

So, while I know it’s going to totally kick my butt every. Single. Time. I know that I am getting the results that I want both physically and mentally. What more can you really want from a workout regimen? 

The trainers that I recommend and why:

Want to learn a lot about training and also get a great cardio resistance circuit? 

Try Tim’s class at the Orangevale location. He’s great at coaching you up and helping you with confidence in the weight room. Also, he’s probably one of the most positive, nicest people I’ve ever met, so there’s also that. I go to his Tuesday class every week, never miss.

For the body builder looking for a good cardio class that still incorporates segmented workouts and weights/resistance? Try Max at the Citrus Heights location. I love his Monday evening workout, Legs and Glutes. It is killer.

For the super-athlete looking for an insane well rounded workout that will leave you with a beat red face wondering how you got so tired: Try Chris at the Rocklin location on Sunset Blvd. Somehow deadlifts can be cardio with him.

For those who are already set up in Body Fit, I encourage you to explore the different Body Fit classes. Each trainer has a style to his or her workouts, and they are really great at catering to their audiences.  It’s those nuances that make a world of difference in your overall attitude towards the gym and your health and fitness. 

AUTHOR BIO: Misha is a California Family Fitness member who frequents the Rocklin Sports Complex, Arden and Orangevale locations. She’s also a very busy mama to three adventurous boys under the age of six.

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