Body Fit for Weight Loss

Losing weight can sometimes feel overwhelming. There’s the calorie reduction and clean eating that are necessary to trim fat, the balance of carbs, fat, and protein to promote all the healthy metabolic processes that needs to occur when you are training for weight loss, and then there’s the exercise part.

All these reasons are why many people choose to hire a personal trainer to assist in their weight loss. Trainers have expert knowledge on subjects like weight loss, weight training, cardio training, and diet. They are trained professionals who can help guide your weight loss efforts so you experience less stress, and achieve faster results. If you’d love to hire a personal trainer to help you lose weight more efficiently, but are worried about the cost, there’s a really helpful alternative available in the form of small group training.

The small group training program at California Family Fitness is called Body Fit, and it works a lot like personal training. Small groups of people (usually 3-12) who have similar fitness goals come together under the coaching of a common personal trainer who works out a program for each individual person, and then guides their workouts together as a team.

Several advantages of small group training programs like Body Fit include:

Lower Cost Personal Training

Small group exercise programs like Body Fit give you the individual nutrition planning and training advantages you would have one-on-one with a personal trainer, but you can cut the cost as a group. You get the same guidance and personal attention for less money.

Weight Loss Support From Your Group

Working out in a small group is like having a built in support system to reinforce your weight loss efforts. Trainers are encouraging and will motivate you, but there’s nothing quite like being cheered on by fellow members fighting the same weight loss battle as you.


Just as a small group of fitness enthusiasts with the same goals will support and encourage one another, they also will hold each other accountable. Your trainer is there to guide and push you, and you’ll have the added benefit of belonging to a ‘team’ of trainees who are all counting on one another to keep energies and hopes high.

Hiring a personal trainer to help you lose weight fast is a smart move. They have a vast knowledge base that they can pull from to help you train smart, stay on track, and  solve problems along the way. Training in small group Body Fit classes adds even more value to this with lower cost, a supportive group environment, and more accountability on your path to losing weight.

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