Breaking Through a Plateau with Body Fit

blog-post_300x250_familyI've always been considered to be athletic and fit. I played sports in high school and even onto college, but there is no denying that having children puts a strain on your body, and your time.  I now have three adorable but rambunctious boys aged 5 and under but gym time was "Mama time" so I've stayed in decent shape. 

Recently, I noticed that my current workouts just weren't doing it, and maybe you can relate. I was in pretty good shape, some slight muscle tone, but my weight and size were unchanging despite my frequenting the gym. During a workout, a friend of mine asked if I'd tried a Body Fit class. Admittedly, I told her I hadn't and we decided we'd give it a shot. I mean at that point what did I have to lose? I'd tried tons of classes from a slough of gyms but nothing really stuck. The class looked intriguing anyway, so we decided to go for it.

I was at the Rocklin Sports Complex for my first class. Our Body Fit coach, Lisa introduced herself and a group of about 6 of us got started on our extreme circuit training.  

I did lifts that I'd never done before, as well as some that I have done, with slight variations for different muscle groups. By the time that I had completed the workout, I could feel it in my legs, my arms, shoulders, core. Lisa would ask how I was doing, clearly testing the waters as she got to know me and got a good feel for how hard to push me to optimize a workout without over doing it. It was one of the hardest workouts I'd ever had and it felt good realizing my inner strength again.  

The following few days I found myself thinking about the high intensity of the workout more and more. I realized that, I personally, can't motivate myself to perform at that level independently, and I loved the results of that high intensity training.

I can also really appreciate a trainer who will also coach you on proper form so you are getting the most out of your session without compromising safety. Lisa was quick to constructively correct my improper Turkish Get-ups form.  

I learn new lifts and plyometrics every session so I can constantly incorporate that into my independent workouts. I feel much more confident in the weight room in general, but I crave the feeling of both physical and mental progress that I get from Body Fit.

I've had Body Fit for about 6 weeks now, and participate in 3-4 sessions a week at different Cal Fit locations. It's awesome seeing each Body Fit coaches different style and approach to the class.

But no matter what club you go to, there is a team mentality within the group, as it's everyone's goal to properly complete the workout with as high intensity as you can. We're all in the trenches together, so it's motivating knowing you aren't the only one and that you're all working for a common goal.  You can look over and see your fellow "Body Fitter" going through the same intense challenges as you are, and a coach with needed words of encouragement.

If you find yourself in a slump, or a "plateau" where you aren't seeing the kind of results that you're looking for or you just need something new to add to your regimen, I challenge you to try a Body Fit group.  

AUTHOR BIO: Misha is a California Family Fitness member who frequents the Rocklin Sports Complex, Arden and Orangevale locations. She’s also a very busy mama to three adventurous boys under the age of six.

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