Best Body Fat Test? Hydrostatic Body Weighing

California Family Fitness is excited to bring the gold standard in body fat composition testing to you!

What is hydrostatic weighing? 

Body composition testing determines how much of your body is and isn’t fat. The non-fat part of your body is called lean tissue, and it includes muscle, water, bone, and organs.

Hydrostatic testing calculates the ratio of body fat to lean tissue by weighing you in and out of water. It compares your normal body weight to your body weight when fully submerged in water to get an accurate reading.

This method of testing is considered the most precise measurement of body composition.

iStock-493280904 How can body fat testing help you?

Body fat composition testing pinpoints how much of your weight is made up of fat and lean tissue. It is a better indicator of health and fitness than calculating your body mass index (BMI). Lean tissue is known as “metabolically active tissue,” meaning it burns calories all day long.

A higher body fat percentage is linked to health issues like diabetes and heart disease. Focusing on reducing body fat and increasing lean tissue rather than weight loss alone will ensure you experience optimum health benefits from your lifestyle changes and hard work.


 Hydrostatic body fat testing improves health and wellness: Why? 

  • The hydrostatic testing body fat testing method is extremely accurate.
  • You’ll learn how much of your body is made up of fat and lean tissues.
  • The results you receive will help you work towards increasing your lean tissue - instead of simply losing weight - ultimately experiencing maximum health benefits.
  • Hydrostatic testing is more consistent than scale or caliber measurements. It helps you truly track your progress towards a health and wellness goal.

 What to expect at your hydrostatic session

  • Avoid eating a large meal within 2 hours of testing. We recommend you use the bathroom and shower prior to your session.
  • Please wear a swimsuit and bring a towel as you will be submerged in water to get an accurate reading.
  • You will receive your results immediately after testing.

 Make an appointment for hydrostatic body fat testing at Cal Fit!

1 session $39

3 sessions $99

(Each session is 25 minutes)

 Appointments are currently offered at our Elk Grove club (8569 Bond Road). Call (916) 685-5555 to make your appointment.