Cal Fit Hosts Corporate Wellness Events

For this company meeting, the lights were dimmed, the music was soothing, and the atmosphere was peaceful. Instead of debating the bottom line and department budgets, the only sound was quiet breathing and the soothing voice of a yoga instructor explaining warrior pose. 

That’s right — this company traded an hour of hectic work stress for an hour of zen.

Downward Dog Bright Yoga

Healthy employees are happy employees. At California Family Fitness, we’ve found that when a company invests in their employee wellness plan, more employees find interest in being a part of the program and gain success… which leads to fewer sick days and lower healthcare premiums for all.

Forward Bend Yoga

 At California Family Fitness, we understand that no two corporate plans are the same. We build customized plans to ensure that your corporate wellness program will be successful and make your job easier.

 And speaking of easy, we are always more than happy to come to your workplace to introduce our programs to your employees. We can bring one of our popular group fitness classes to you - just like we brought yoga to River Cats employees recently. (See photos.) 

Tree Yoga

 Our corporate wellness clients enjoy:

  • Lower healthcare costs. The savings on health care costs alone make for an impressive ROI.
  • Increase productivity. Participants in wellness programs are absent less often and perform better at work than their nonparticipant counterparts.
  • Higher morale. Employee pride, trust, and commitment increase, contributing to a thriving organization.
  • Linking safety and wellness. Having a program in place will not only increase the safety of your employees at work, but reduce the overall amount of workman’s compensation claims within the workplace.

If you’d like to schedule a wellness event for your company or find out more about our corporate wellness programs, contact Darryl Gennings, Corporate Wellness Manager,