Cal Fit Kidz Klub: From a Kid's Perspective

My boys: Luke (7), Kai (5) and Carson (3) have been frequenting the Child Care and Kidz Klub at various locations for the last year and a half.  We primarily visit Rocklin, Rocklin Sports Complex, Orangevale, Citrus Heights, Folsom and Carmichael-Arden. This interview has not been altered in any way, so it is word for word my childrens’ feelings on the subject.  Enjoy.

What is Kidz Klub like?

Luke: Kidz Klub is like a giant jungle gym. It’s pretty cool. I usually go straight to the video games and they are usually not on. If I start playing, then other kids always want to play with me. So then we have to take turns. So then if they are turned off then I will go play in the jungle gym or I can go play in the art room because I like to color stuff. And play basketball a lot.

What do you like the most about Kidz Klub?

Luke: Well, I have a couple things: art room, video games and then they have this huge thing that’s like a slide and each Kidz Klub has it except for Rocklin Sport. 

Kai: You mean a Kids Scape. That’s what it’s called, Luke.

What activities do you do while you’re there? 

Luke: Well, umm, so, the one that I go to by Daddy’s house (Folsom), I like to watch sports, play tag, watch Minecraft, go in the playscape, stuff like that.

Kai: I mostly do arts and crafts, make paper airplanes, make friends, make a whole entire forest out of big Legos and play with Playdoh.  Also, I like to play hide-and-seek too. 

If you could add anything in the world to Kidz Klub, what would it be?

Luke: I would add little Legos.

Kai: I would like to add robots that have lasers and light up. 

What Kidz Klub is your favorite?

Kai: Orangevale because they have an activity room with electronics and there is an art room and there is a big playscape, and there is so many people that I can play with. I like Rocklin that has a basketball hoop and they give ice cream. Actually… I like all the Kidz Klubs!

Luke: Folsom because they have MineCraft and Kids Yoga.

What was the most fun you’ve ever had there?

Luke: At Rocklin Sports, I actually won Green Light Red Light two times in a row! 

Who is the silliest Kidz Klub teacher? 

Carson: Ms. Courtney!

Kai: Mostly all of them are really nice, so I’d say all of them. The girl teachers at Rocklin Sport always does color with us.  And the boys played Cops and Robbers with me one time!

Luke: There is one teacher that I really like at Folsom, he is a man. And he laughs with us when we do something silly. So I would say that teacher is my favorite.

Do you think babies should be allowed in Kidz Klub?

Kai: uhhh no.

Luke: That’s probably not such a good idea.

Carson: Yes! Because all the teachers can hold them. I want to go there too!

What fun stuff do you wish you could do more of while you’re there?

Kai: Wrestle, teach karate moves.

Carson: I wish there was a little TV in the childcare for all the little kids to play Mario. Just a little one.

What are your thoughts on the sticker ball?

Luke: It’s super big. It’s just really a ball but it has paper inside because there’s so many stickers and there’s two edges and they all just glue together. They’re really just tags with names on it that when it’s time to go they stick their tags to the giant ball. And some kids don’t want to go sometimes.

Carson: <holds arms out> It was this tiny, but now it’s THIS BIG <holds arms out farther apart> and it was the stickers that when it’s time to go, you put it on the ball then you go!

Kai: It used to be one sticker, then there was 2 stickers and then 3 and then 4 and then 5 and then 6, 7, 8, 9, 10,11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 then 122.  And it just keeps going on and on and on and on and on and ON! So that’s how it does it.

blog-post_300x250_familyAUTHOR BIO: Misha is a California Family Fitness member who frequents the Rocklin Sports Complex, Arden and Orangevale locations. She’s also a very busy mama to three adventurous boys under the age of six. 

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