Berle Recovers Strength & Balance After Injury

Meet a Carmichael Member

I have been a California Family Fitness member for many years. I have enjoyed using your Carmichael facility and used to work out approximately three times per week.


A Brain Injury that Led to Paralysis

In May 2015, I suffered a brain injury. I was temporarily paralyzed on my left side and had to stay in a rehab facility after being released from the hospital. I recovered nearly completely and with the approval of my doctor, I resumed going back to the gym.

However, my wife and I thought it best if I worked out with the assistance of a personal trainer. She talked with District Fitness Manager, Tanya Breinig who had recommended working with Certified Personal Trainer, Larry Wooten.

Personal Trainer Guides Progress

I have had other personal trainers in the past, but none compare with the satisfaction that I receive from Larry.

I have worked with Larry for almost two years and I look forward to each workout I have with him.

I have been amazed at his ability to fix common ailments that I have had. In our household, we refer to him as “Dr. Larry”. He has helped to work with me on balance, upper and lower body strength, and conditioning.

When I first started working with Larry, my wife would attend our sessions so that she wouldn’t have to worry about me. But, she said she felt Larry was so careful and attentive with me, that she “released” me to his sole discretion. 

Balance Restored Through Personal Training

I have to say that for as long as I have been with Larry, I am strong again, more flexible and have achieved good balance. To sum it up, Larry is very good at what he does. He has a kind way of making corrections and good suggestions. He has exceeded my expectations.