Cal Fit Success Story: Brandi N.

We love celebrating the success of our members! Few things compare to the feeling that comes from seeing someone tackle a challenge, and then dominate that challenge. We’re thrilled today to introduce you to Brandi N., who works out at our Rocklin club. Look at the results of her hard work!BrandiBeforeAfter

We checked in with Brandi to find out more about her fitness journey. Here’s what she said.

Q: Was there something specific that inspired you to make changes in your lifestyle?

A: After I had my daughter, I found myself wanting change. I set out to love myself more and become the athlete I've always wanted to be. I was tired of being tired, I wanted to break free from myself and I stop making excuses.

Q: Tell us more about some of the things you’ve accomplished since you started focusing on getting healthy last year.

A: In the last year I have completed a Spartan Super, a Spartan Sprint, and Bay to Breakers w/bonus (9 miles). I am currently training for the Spartan Beast in Tahoe this September, a Tough Mudder in October and will take home my first ever Spartan Trifecta in November of this year. It feels absolutely incredible knowing I challenged myself to do these things I never thought possible before. I had to make myself uncomfortable to achieve these goals for myself, but man that feeling of crossing the finish line is an adrenaline rush no one can take away from you. It’s just you and your will power when you are on that course--and when you finish, it’s confirmation of the grit it takes to never give up on something you want for yourself.BrandiMedals

Q: That’s incredible, Brandi! What do you do at Cal Fit to supplement your other training as you prepare for these races?

I always start with 15 minutes of cardio on the treadmill, stretching, and then moving on to the weights. I enjoy working on power lifting, I do a lot of leg work with machines and barbells. I used to be intimidated going on the weight floor, until I told myself everyone is there for one purpose: to improve. I have the confidence now to be on the floor. I have taken some Zumba and yoga classes to give myself a change in routine every now and then.

Q: What are some of the changes you’ve enjoyed besides weight loss?

My endurance is improving, I am stronger, I can shop without doubting everything I want to try on, and I ENJOY working out as my stress relief. I mean the list truly goes on, but most of all I feel more confident in my athleticism to do things I couldn't do before.

Q: Has there been anything specific about working out at Cal Fit that has helped you reach your goals?

I like having the option of being able to drop my daughter off at Kidz Klub to have some fun while I get in my workout. Once she’s there, I can puts on my headphones and focus on the workout ahead of me.

Q: Is there anything else you’d like to share about your journey?

I started this journey with the goal of loving myself. There was no number goal, no timeline and no finish line--I just wanted to be the healthiest/strongest version of myself. I started with what I had, I walked as far as I could until the distance grew. As I became more active, my goals changed and I started to challenge myself to do things I held myself back from because of "my size" I told myself to just DO IT ANYWAYS. My advice to others: do what makes you uncomfortable to achieve the things you know are possible. Don't be afraid to ask for help and know that you are stronger than you think, you can learn new things and achieve your unique success. You are strong, capable and worthy of change, you can do anything you set your heart and mind to. YOU GOT THIS!BrandiNoMedals

Congrats on all that you’ve achieved, Brandi, and we wish you the best of luck with your upcoming races!

If you are a current member who wants to take your goals to the next level, we encourage you to check out our Body Fit Challenge and personal training. If you are looking for a gym and want to give Cal Fit a try, we have some special offers for you!