Cal Fit Success Story: Downtown Member, Erica C.

Before I started my program with California Family Fitness, a year ago, I felt bulky and frustrated.  I was working out constantly and eating healthy but I wasn't achieving the lean muscle look I was desperately seeking.  After relocating to Sacramento and trying out numerous gym options I decided on California Family Fitness on K Street because I was impressed with the cleanliness of the facility, the diversity and abundance of equipment and the upbeat atmosphere.

I KNEW that I was going to make my fitness goals a major priority from that point forward and I needed to be in a facility that felt productive and inviting every time I walked in.  I received this feeling in my Cal Fit home and even more so when I met my trainer Chris Ogren.  

Chris is a super friendly, positive and energetic presence on the Cal Fit team.  I am very intense when it comes to goals, but Chris was able to manage my expectations and keep my journey positive but most importantly moving forward in the direction I wanted to go.  Through muscle gains, weight losses and plateaus Chris was able to keep me focused and optimistic.  But what I was most impressed with was Chris' vast knowledge of how the human body works and his ability to execute a plan based on the desire to lean out my body and gain more lean muscle, something I couldn't even articulate adequately at the time, but he seemed to understand clearly.

Every time I expressed a concern or updated a goal Chris LISTENED.  My results always feel inevitable when working with Chris.  It never feels like 'if' I'll get there, it's always about 'when' I'll get there and I haven't missed a goal yet.  I look forward to meeting with Chris twice a week.  He is truly an amazing trainer, I know he is a key component to my fitness goals.

Interestingly enough, I went nearly 8 months with no significant weight loss but my body had changed tremendously and aesthetically.  I fit into smaller sizes, my measurements went down, I have more energy which lead me to realize I was achieving the results I wanted in the way I wanted from inside out.  As a past yo-yo, on again off again dieter and fitness novice I had grown accustomed to superficial results. Superficial results that were short lived because there was no true structured foundation. This feels different, my strength is greater than ever before and I don't live in fear that if I eat a slice of pizza or miss a gym day I'm going to ruin all of my work, because it's real!

My progress is probably best measured by others by my charts or before and after pictures.  But it is measured by me by my ability to do core exercises for longer periods of time, my energy level and the satisfaction I feel when I look in the mirror.  The last 4-5 months have been focused on what Chris and I refer to as my "Bridal Bootcamp," my results have been even more tangible and consistent to prepare me for my July wedding.  Chris has played such a big part in the joy and confidence I'll feel walking down the aisle that day!

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