Cal Fit Success Story: Elk Grove member, Arturo F.

About seven months ago I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes. I followed my doctor’s strict orders to shed some pounds, eat properly and exercise. I was worried I would have to begin medication, however the doctor gave me four months to retest and then he would make a determination regarding medication. Research suggests that diabetes is problematic for many cultures, particularly Native Americans and Hispanics. I immediately became concerned as it also runs in my family.

I turned to a California Family Fitness personal trainer hoping to get some help. I asked for the assistance of Lauri Tachera, one of the top trainers with the company. I can proudly say, my doctor advised I come back in another six months to do a re-examination. Presently, no medication!

Thanks to Lauri Tachera for helping me get my strength back through a tough regimen of exercises, constantly checking with me about my food consumption and goal setting, and for the courageous conversations about the possibilities of turning my health dilemma in a positive direction.

In addition, after working with her for the last four months I have shot the best five consecutive golf scores of my life! For you golfers -listen to her advice. Work on the core and stretch.

Thanks Lauri, you are truly a consummate professional. That goes for the rest of the staff at Cal Fit as well.

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