Cal Fit Success Story: Orangevale Member, Denise G.


Personal Trainer: Kelle

Exercise Goal: Heal Knee Pain, Get Stronger

I’ve always been an active person. I played soccer most of my life and eventually got into ultra-marathons. I’ve run several 50k races, and that’s just over 30 miles per race.

 Although I also did some fitness classes and used weight machines at the gym, I was never happy with my results. I had to have two surgeries on my knee from a torn meniscus, and though it healed well at the time, I still experienced occasional knee pain after exercise.

I started working with my new personal trainer, Kelle in August of 2016, and I realized very quickly that although I was in decent cardio shape, I was in for quite a journey! Kelle introduced me to resistance training and weight-lifting workouts that I had never done before. I slowly began lifting heavier and heavier weights, feeling strong and confident. I had never worked with barbells before (until Kelle introduced them) because I’d been intimidated by the weight room in the gym. Not anymore!

After seeing leaner muscles and more definition, my clothes also began to fit differently. I am continuing to get stronger every day and my knee has never felt more stable and pain-free. I learned how to strengthen all the muscles in my legs to support my knee joints, and now I always push myself to overcome exercise plateaus - with help from Kelle.  

I consider Kelle to be more than my personal trainer - she’s my friend. She counsels me about nutrition and when I need to let my body rest, but she also motivates me to do those last few reps when I normally would stop on my own.

 I look forward to seeing her every week, not only to be challenged beyond my comfort zone, but because I also feel healthier and more powerful with each workout. I feel healthy, toned and confident.