Cal Fit Success Story: Rocklin Member, Tami T.

blog-post_successstory_tamitblog-thumb_success-storyBefore I became a member of California Family Fitness, I felt tired, sluggish, and very overweight. To sum it up, I felt miserable and knew I needed to get back on track with my fitness and overall health.

I needed motivation to train HARD for my first triathlon within 3 months: ½ mile swim, 15 mile bike and 3 mile run. I did not have a clue where to begin; I’m a weight lifting girl. I decided to hire a Certified Personal Trainer to keep me accountable and train appropriately for the event.

Lucky me, Jared Perez became my trainer. Jared is truly at the top of his game. He goes out of his way to customize workout routines and motivates me to do my best in a positive way (even giving me a list of his favorite inspirational quotes). I am very impressed by his vast knowledge of how the different muscle groups in the body interrelate, paying attention to form, exercise variety and overall training approach. I definitely appreciate his extra effort in making sure I stay on track outside of our sessions to further help me along with my fitness goals. The most notable attention I appreciated from Jared was his careful attention to my back. I previously had two back surgeries and he adjusted exercise when and where needed as to not injure me.

In only two months the results are very evident! I’ve lost 8% body fat and inches everywhere! Other trainers continuously compliment me and Jared on how hard we train; we do more than 100% every time, no excuses! I feel amazing! I feel fit, light, and energetic, not to mention my triathlon was a breeze. Now I’m looking for my next event…and yes, I’m still training with Jared!

Here’s one of my favorite quotes for those that really want to be fit and healthy:  “Your will for change MUST be stronger than your desire to stay the same!”

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