Cal Fit Success Story: Sunrise member, Dave H.

Before starting my program at California Family Fitness, I felt unproductive, out of shape, unhealthy and I lacked energy. When I decided to join the gym, I wanted to try something different, and I didn’t want to fall back into my old routine. To make sure that I switched things up, I began working with Certified Personal Trainer, Melissa Hensley.  

I committed to 6 months of Personal Training and saw great results both mentally and physically. During our training sessions, Melissa not only taught me how to exercise using a variety of equipment, but she helped shift my way of thinking so that this became a lifestyle change. I not only see fitness as a way of life now, but I also really enjoy it.  

For the first time, I’m not only feeling fit, but it’s also visible. In the 6 month period, I’ve lost over 25lbs. I’m leaner, stronger, more defined and focused when I work. I feel really good about myself!

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