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blog-post_300x250_jesse-richardsonFrom Rocklin Sports Complex Fitness Manager, Jesse Richardson

When doing resistance training and cardio on the same day, which do you do first? Here’s some information that might give you some insight:

For resistance training, our body can only use glycogen (carbohydrates) as a fuel source. It is quickly broken down, and more readily available for that type of high intensity work.

When doing cardiovascular exercise however, two energy systems are available. Your body’s first choice would again be carbohydrates for fuel. Once depleted of carbs, your body can then switch to breaking down fat as a way to maintain a constant fuel source for a lower intensity, long duration exercise.

So which would you do first? Deplete all of your glycogen stores with cardio first, leaving your muscles with nothing to use for resistance training? The smart choice would be to first utilize those carbohydrates in the resistance training portion, leaving your body to resort to breaking down fat to fuel your cardio afterwards. It’s a win, win situation!

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