Children and Sports Activities

Work In: Kids Sports | Podcast Episode 3

It's time for the latest episode of Work In, the California Family Fitness podcast. When you listen to Cal Fit's Work In podcast, we hope you'll consider how you might "work in" a few new concepts or ideas to benefit you and your family's health and well-being. We'll sit down to chat with people share their thoughts on how applying  new habits could improve your life. After listening to these conversations, we hope you'll be empowered and motivated with your own personal takeaways.Kids_Soccer

As a parent, you always want what is best for your kids.  Learn how to support your kids in living a healthy lifestyle that they will want to continue into adulthood.  In Episode 3, "Work In: Kids' Sports", Cal Fit's Director of Marketing, Michelle McCauley chats with child psychologist Dr. Kirsten Kuzirian and some real parents and coaches about the ins and outs of youth athletic activities. Whether you are a parent considering peewee sports for the first time, a grandparent navigating being a league ball fan, or if you are trying to encourage a a child to find a fun activity to keep them moving, this episode has plenty of food for thought!19403_BLOG_Podcast_WebsitePage_ListingImage_640x310_KidsSports

Meet the guests from Episode 3:

  • Dr. Kirsten Kuzirian is a child psychologist and the owner of Napa & Folsom Child Wellness. She is a mindful parenting expert and the host of the Wide Awake Parenting Podcast. Dr. Kuzirian works with young children to young adults, and supports parents through workshops and individual consults.
  • Local father of two Christian Salisbury stays busy cheering on his daughter and swim meets and his son at baseball games. He volunteers as president of the area Little League.
  • Denise Millett is an assistant varsity coach for women's basketball at a local high school. This Cal Fit member is a mother of five and grandmother of three. She has cheered for and coached her own children, some of whom went on to be collegiate athletes.

Listen to this episode of Work In  HERE, on your favorite podcast distributor, or watch it below. We invite you to like and share the podcast if you enjoy it. Do you have kids that play sports? We would love to hear more about your experiences parenting young athletes in the comments.