Dan Jameson Speed Agility & Quickness Training

blog-post_300x250_dan-jameson-baseballDan Jameson, Athletic Trainer, has partnered with California Family Fitness to bring Speed, Agility, and Quickness training to you!

This is a 30–40 minute class to focus on the child learning basic coordination and agility through games and drills. Parents are encouraged to do this class with their youngsters as a bonding experience, and it also helps the parent understand how to run some of these drills with their children outside of the training sessions.

This could be the most important time for your child to succeed in sports as they realize their athletic ability. This class will be a one (1) hour class focused on flexibility, hand-eye coordination, self-weighted exercises, and foot work drills. All of the above will set the foundation for better overall speed, agility, and quickness, in all aspects of sports competition.

This is an advanced one (1) hour session, given the movements and the skill level it will incorporate. Work will be done with resistance bands and weights, while improving explosion, agility and sports specific movements. Sessions designed for athletes looking to achieve another level of skill. This will be a challenging session for any level of athlete.

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