Discovering Sacramento's Amazing Farmer's Markets

blog-post_300x250_eat-healthierMost experts agree that at least 80% of our weight loss success depends on the food we put in our bodies. You can’t get fit and lose weight without exercise, but good clean nutrition is the fuel that stokes that fitness fire.

Fresh food is the best for clean eating and losing weight. It’s full of vitamins and minerals our bodies need to build muscle and trim fat. Although it can cost a bit more than going the processed route, Clean eating can easily be done on a budget. Sourcing your groceries from the wide variety of in-season fruits and vegetables cuts the cost of healthy eating.

Fortunately, the Sacramento area has a rich agricultural heritage, and the farmer’s markets we have access to boast some of the best local produce, eggs, and meats around. From the foothills, all the way down to South Sacramento, there’s a farmer’s market almost every day of the week, and you’re invited.

Certified Farmer’s Markets

These Sacramento area farmer’s markets support local growers who bring their fresh produce to the markets to sell directly to the public. Much of the fruit and vegetables you can purchase are picked that very same day, and are at the peak of freshness. Farmer’s market locations include:

California Grown Farmer’s Market Locations

Rancho Cordova

Sunrise StationSaturday 8am-Noon


Country Club PlazaSaturday 8am-noon

The PromenadeSaturday 8am-noon (May 3rd through October)

State Parking LotSunday 8am-noon

Roosevelt ParkTuesday 10am-1:30pm (May through September)

Freemont ParkTuesday 10am-1:30pm (May through September)

Chavez PlazaWednesday 10am-1:30pm (May through October)

Florin Sears StoreThursday 8am-noon

East End State Capitol ParkThursday 10am-1:30pm (May 8 through September)

Capitol MallThursday 10am-1:30pm (May 8 through September)

Elk Grove

Laguna Gateway CenterSaturday—8am-Noon

Placer Grown Farmer’s Market Locations


Old Town Courthouse Parking LotSaturday 8am-noon

Dewitt CenterWednesday (seasonal)


Whole Foods at the FountainsTuesday 8:30am-1pm


Blue Oaks CenterSaturday (seasonal)

Finnish HallThursday (seasonal)

Granite Bay

Quarry Ponds Town CenterSunday (seasonal)

Tips for Shopping the Farmer’s Market

Get the most out of your trip to the farmer’s market by arriving prepared.

  • Bring reusable bags or a large basket to carry your produce in. Take care not to squish delicate fruits and leafy greens under heavier items
  • Carry small bills. Many vendors don’t carry large bills, and you can save time by paying exact change
  • Store money in pockets. Digging through a wallet or purse can be difficult with an arm full of delicious local fruits and veggies
  • Dress accordingly. These outdoor farmer’s market venues are exposed to the elements so be prepared to dress for the weather
  • Take a lap around before making any purchases. There are usually many farmers selling similar items, so check out all the options before buying anything
  • Don’t haggle. Farmers work hard to bring their fresh foods to market, and haggling over price is considered bad form
  • Don’t focus on aesthetics. Fresh organic produce might have small cosmetic imperfections. Ignore those and focus on the uber-fresh and delicious goodness that resides within

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