Double Your Baby’s Learning Efficiency by Exercising During Pregnancy

15036_BLG_TMB_ExerciseDuringPregnancy_FINPregnant women who exercise are not the only ones benefiting. The effects of exercise during pregnancy reach far beyond the physical. The benefits of neurologic function and cognitive development have been found to transfer from mother to baby.

Many doctors suggest that women take it easy during their pregnancies; however, being active (as little as 20 minutes, 3x/week) may actually be the best thing for your newborn’s brain development.  Over the course of three years, researchers have found that the infants of mothers who had exercised while pregnant were twice as more efficient learners than the children of the sedentary group. 

12 additional reasons to exercise during pregnancy:

  1. Decreases pregnancy-induced fatigue and will GIVE you energy!
  2. Prepares the body for the demands of pregnancy
  3. Increases circulation and blood flow to the baby
  4. Improves sleep
  5. Alleviates aches and pains
  6. Improves mood
  7. Improves self-esteem while dealing with  rapid body changes
  8. Regulates blood sugar levels
  9. Prevents excess weight gain
  10. Decreases the incidence of gestational diabetes
  11. Helps with a faster, easier delivery
  12. Helps you lose "baby weight" quicker,  post-delivery

Prenatal yoga, is one of the most popular forms of exercise pregnant women turn to for not only stretching and strengthening their bodies, but also for the relief of pain in the back, muscles, joints, spine and nerves, caused from the increased weight of pregnancy.  Yoga will help improve and support pregnancy postural changes as well.

Swimming is another form of exercise to consider for pregnancy, as being suspended in water removes the effects of gravity, taking pressure off and decompressing the spine/joints and will help tone your core as well as helping to position the baby properly for delivery.

Many pregnant women will also find relief of back and joint pain under the care of an experienced chiropractor, who works with expectant mothers.  Gentle alignment of the spine during pregnancy can help prevent women from feeling muscular tightness, nerve compression and joint misalignment, correct imbalances.  Most back pain women experience during pregnancy is manageable with chiropractic.

Benefits of prenatal chiropractic care:

  1. Can help control symptoms of morning sickness
  2. Allows expectant mothers to carry and deliver their babies with more ease and comfort
  3. Relieves neck/back/joint pain and inflammation
  4. Helps avoid/treat sciatica
  5. Maintains/ restores physiologic and neurologic function in both mother and baby
  6. Can help with insomnia
  7. Increases the ability to tolerate pain during labor and delivery
  8. Shortens labor time and helps the baby to get into the “head- down” position.

author_bioAs a wife and mother of two active little boys, Dr. Taglio understands that life is busy and can easily get out of balance. She knows how important healthy habits are in maintaining a healthy family. She is committed to addressing the whole body and takes a multi-pronged approach to improving the function of the nervous system, by removing nerve interference through chiropractic, addressing nutritional components and incorporating neuromuscular re-education to maintain spinal health and stability. She has made it her mission to help people not only feel great, but also help them reach their highest potential, in whatever their endeavors are. She has a love for children and their healing through chiropractic and nutrition.

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