Downtown Gym Movie Schedule

See Movies in a Sacramento Gym!

The Cal Fit on K Street in downtown Sacramento shows two movies every day, one in each of the club's two cardio theaters. Raise your heart rate on a treadmill, recumbent bike, or elliptical while enjoying quality entertainment. The movies loop all day, so join us whenever you want to work out and unwind!  

February 2020 Movie Schedule

Date Cardio Theater #1 Cardio Theater #2
Sunday, 3/1 33 Prime
Monday, 3/2 Selena The Italian Job

Tuesday, 3/3


Ninja Turtles

Wednesday, 3/4 Jumanji What About Bob?
Thursday, 3/5 Sully Mr. & Mrs. Smith
Friday, 3/6 San Andreas The Shallows
Saturday, 3/7 Insidious We Are Marshall
Sunday, 3/8 Captain America: Civil War Baby Mama
Monday, 3/9 Collateral Beauty Meet the Parents
Tuesday, 3/10 Dunkirk Just Friends
Wednesday, 3/11 Forrest Gump Mrs. Doubtfire
Thursday, 3/12 The Martian Traffic
Friday, 3/13 The Pursuit of Happyness Great Gatsby
Saturday, 3/14 The Blind Side Going In Style
Sunday, 3/15 Disturbia Crazy in Alabama
Monday, 3/16 Skyscraper Black Panther
Tuesday, 3/17 Gangster Squad The DUFF
Wednesday, 3/18 Life of Pi The Hunger Games
Thursday, 3/19 Salt Grease
Friday, 3/20 Taken Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol
Saturday, 3/21 50 First Dates Midnight in Paris
Sunday, 3/22 Interstellar Mission to Mars
Monday, 3/23 The Goonies The Notebook
Tuesday, 3/24 Pacific Rim Boys of Fall
Wednesday, 3/25 Rush Hour Cinderella Man
Thursday, 3/26 Sphere Percy Jackson & the Olympians
Friday, 3/27 Seabiscuit Pixels
Saturday, 3/28 Ride Along Jurassic Park
Sunday, 3/29 Geostorm The Devil Wears Prada
Monday, 3/30 Split 9
Tuesday, 3/31 Contagion

Maze Runner: The Death Cure