Eating Healthy All Summer Long

Summer’s bounty provides the ultimate opportunity to recalibrate your eating habits. It’s the easiest time of year to increase your daily intake of fruits and veggies, and eat cleaner meals. Here are some of our ideas for putting healthy, fresh foods on your plate this summer.


Join the farm-to-fork movement. Sacramento is quickly rising to the distinction of being one of the nation’s leader’s in offering fresh, local produce to consumers when they shop or dine out.


Get Excited About Grilling! 

There are some fun health benefits to using the grill besides being closer to the action in the pool.

  • You eat less fat, because the excess drops through the grates while the food cooks. Plus, the grill locks in moisture during the cooking process, meaning you need fewer added fats for a tasty meal.
  • Meat and vegetables retain more nutrients when they are grilled.
  • Grilling gets you outside, which means you are more likely to toss a Frisbee with the dogs or splash with your kids while the food is cooking. It’s a natural way to fit activity into your day.


Try Something New

Make a goal to try one new fruit or vegetable each time you visit the farmer’s market or the produce section of the grocery store. You might be surprised to find some new favorites! Or, how about experimenting with a new recipe?

Summer or winter, rain or shine, at Cal Fit we want to help you stay fit and healthy.