7 of Our Favorite Workout Apps

Fitness AppsHow many mobile apps do you use in a day? Apps can add convenience to your life, connect you with other people, and keep you entertained. It should come as no surprise then that there are plenty of mobile apps designed specifically to help you with your workout at the gym. Here are some fitness apps that you can download to give you workouts, instructions, motivation, and the ability to track your progress at the gym. The best news -- each one is free.

Virtuagym Fitness

Virtuagym Fitness is an app designed for both the first-time and long-term gym goer. Virtuagym Fitness offers a variety of workouts, ranging from advanced weight lifting to morning fitness routines designed to get your heart rate up before you start your day. No matter your fitness level or available gym materials, Virtuagym Fitness can get you motivated and ready for the gym. Virtuagym Fitness is available free for Android.

Gym Hero

Gym Hero allows you to easily track your sets, repetitions, and weight for every exercise. Gym Hero is designed to quickly get you to your workout, without having to go through endless lists of exercises or suggested workouts. Get real statistics and workout data in easy to read charts and graphs, and even share your workout logs with friends or your trainer. Gym Hero is available free on iTunes.

Lifting Log

When you want a simple app to help you log your progress on a per-exercise basis, Lifting Log is for you. Lifting Log’s is clean and easy to use. There is no need to enter your body weight, height, or even day of the week that you are working out. Sometimes less is more, and this app is ideal for anyone who doesn’t want the bells, whistles, and distractions some other apps have. Lifting Log is available free for Android.


Sometimes money is the best motivator, and Pact let’s you earn cash for exercising. Pledge a set number of days you intend to workout each week, along with the amount of money you will put up. Users pay for missing a workout, but earn cash each time they complete. Earn cash for reaching your goals and going to the gym from the users who don’t. Pact is available free for iTunes.

Gym Workout Log

Gym Workout Log does just what it says -- provides a great platform to keep track of your workouts. Build workouts and routines within the app, create a schedule for yourself, and log your workouts once they’re complete. Gym Workout Log provides simple tutorials for unfamiliar lifts, but it is less of a guided app than some of the others available. Gym Workout Log is perfect for those who want to feel like they are managing their own workouts and want an easy way to track their progress. Gym Workout Log is available for free without ads, and the premium version offers new log features, alerts, themes, analysis, and unlimited workout plans. Gym Workout Log (GymFrame) is available for Android.


PumpNLog is another simple app for detailing your progress in the gym. PumpNLog allows you to create custom exercises and workouts, enable notifications for your achievements and record-setting days, and log photos. A built in timer allows you to take your eyes off the clock and keep them on your form. PumpNLog calls itself the “easy replacement for your workout notebook.” PumpNLog is available free on iTunes.


Fitocracy takes your gym workout to the next level. If you are the competitive-type, you will enjoy tracking your workout through a leveling system with in-game achievements that can be shared with your friends and the Fitocracy community. Sometimes a little competition can spur you to greater heights at the gym, and Fitocracy makes exercise fun. Fitocracy is not all fun and games, however. You will work with expert trainers to reach your fitness goals at the gym. Fitocracy is available free on iTunes.

Looking for more of a human-touch? If you are looking to unplug from technology while you are at the gym, you have options, too. California Family Fitness Body Fit Training is a small group personal training class that gives you the same one-on-one time with a trainer in a small-group setting that is more budget-friendly than a traditional personal training session. You get custom workouts, motivation, support and guidance towards your goals. With Body Fit, you can leave your phone in the locker.

Sometimes going it alone at the gym can be daunting or discouraging. Don’t let uncertainty or lack of motivation keep you from reaching your fitness goals. You can either “unplug” and sign up for a Body Fit group, or embrace today’s technology to get you going. Downloading a Fitness App to your phone can be the thing to get you motivated to go to the gym, encourage you to try new equipment, provide you with a workout routine, or simply give you an easy way to track your progress.

Do you have a favorite workout app that you use at the gym? Tell us which apps you love!

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