Fun Ways to Keep Your Kids Active This Summer

keep_kids_activeblog-thumb_family-add-onEditor's Note: This post was originally published in July 2014 and has been revamped and updated for accuracy.
We know it can sometimes be challenging to keep your kids active all Summer long. Our kids’ generation is experiencing a phenomena we never had to deal with; an overabundance of sedentary activities that they prefer over good-old-fashioned imaginative play. So, it’s time to start planning some fun and exciting activities for your kids to do for the next few months. The bonus, you can do these activities with your kids to get the whole family up off the couch and engaging with each other.

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Head outdoors for a family fitness challenge

The winner of each challenge gets to choose how many push-ups the runner ups have to perform; 2, 3, 4, or 5! Make it easier for the kids by having them perform a modified push up on their knees.

  • Set up a backyard obstacle course using household items such as cardboard boxes, Tupperware, hula hoops, or pillows. Have each member of your family sprint around the obstacles. Make sure there are spots where kids have to crawl, hop, roll under or spin around. Here are some more ideas for building your backyard obstacle course.

  • Have a wheelbarrow race (parents, hold your kids feet as they walk on their arms). Helps strengthen arm, shoulder, back, and stomach muscles while also improving your communication skills as well!

  • Play hopscotch (perfect for sidewalk chalk). Use bean bags, keys, or a sock filled with dried beans for tossing. This helps your kids improve coordination, balance, and problem solving skills, while they have fan and burn off energy.

  • Have a hula hoop-off. Get shimmying with this entertaining kid friendly activity. It’s a great cardio workout, engages your abs, and helps improve balance

Cool off at the Pool

  • Stay cool this summer by heading to your local community pool area.
  • Play Marco Polo
  • Grab your goggles and dive for treasures (you can purchase lots of fun pool toys at
  • Use kick boards and pretend you’re fishes trying to escape the big, bad shark (mom or dad!)
  • Perform jumping jacks in the shallow end for a great leg and ab workout

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Our Kidz Klub has lots of activities to keep your kids active this Summer in a safe and fun environment. Help your child develop a firm foundation for a healthy lifestyle by bringing them to the gym with you. Some of our Kidz Klub activities include:

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