Break Out of Your Rut With Fun Workout Routines

Ugh, you’ve hit it. The dreaded workout rut. Nothing is more discouraging than going from 160 miles an hour to a screeching halt. You’ve worked so hard to get your momentum going but then you hit a plateau. It could be a mental rut where you don’t get that hype anymore when you hit the gym, or maybe it’s a physical rut where you are not losing the weight or gaining the muscle at the rate you have been. Either way, there’s only one thing to do - it’s time to mix it up and inject some excitement into your exercise routine!

Hit the Trails. Thinking “outside the box” (in this case, the gym) can do you good once in awhile. Look into some local hikes near you and head outdoors for your next exercise. Hiking challenges your core, lower back, glutes, quads, and calves.

Bust a Move. Muscles, like our brains, remember repetitive movement. So take your workouts to another level and challenge your muscles by giving them some new moves to try. Some of our favorite include: alternating leg lifts while performing a traditional plank, jump rope with a hip twist, and mountain climbers while balancing your upper body on a stability ball.

Get Familiar with New Equipment. You may be set in your gym routine or perhaps you’re a bit intimidated by some of the equipment at the gym, but trying new machines will increase your calorie burn by challenging your body in a new way and give your mind some exercise too.

Embrace the Buddy System. Are you usually a solo gym goer? Working out with a gym partner is a great way to keep things feeling fresh. Use this time with your partner to challenge each other! For example, which of you can jog the fastest 5k on the treadmill? Ready. Set. GO!

Try a Fitness Class. We have dozens of unique and fun fitness classes from X-Bike to Aqua Aerobics, Zumba to Pilates, Group Strength Training (GST) to Tai Chi, and so much more. Try them all and you might just find a new favorite fitness obsession!

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