Get Trim and Toned with Battle Ropes

Have you seen the latest rage in inspirational training exercises? You may have seen it on social media videos or around the gym. It’s great a training exercise for speed, endurance and fat burning. You guessed it: battle rope!

When you think of working out your lower body in a quick and effective manner, you probably think of squats. Sumo squats, chair pose, narrow squats, any squats. Well, when you think of working out your upper body (and entire body, for that matter) in a quick and effective way, you should definitely think of battle rope.

Offering a killer cardio workout while maximizing the burn and sculpting muscles, incorporating battle rope exercises into your fitness routine is an absolute must, if it isn’t already.

Here a California Family Fitness trainer demonstrates three exercises using the battle rope: the press and pull, the slap the ground, and the lunge with the rope exercises. Check out the video and we dare you to not be inspired to go straight to the gym and try it out for yourself!

Jump ropes are a thing of the past (OK, OK  … they’re still great exercise tools). Jump into the battle rope arena today to help get trim and tone with innovative, fun and challenging workouts. From beginners to professionals, it’s easy to get started and incorporate the high-impact and high-intensity workouts into your daily fitness routine.

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