Get Your Flu Shot at the Gym

Work Out & Get Vaccinated in 1 Trip

Cal Fit has made it convenient for you to get your flu shot after your workout!

Prevent yourself from getting the flu this winter! An annual flu vaccination is an important step in staying healthy and keeping others healthy as well. The CDC recommends a flu vaccine for everyone 8 years and older before the end of October. All Flu shots will be Administered by Walmart’s Nationally Certified and Licensed Pharmacist. No appointments necessary.

Cost is $15 and may be free if covered by your insurance!


Oct 12: Arden, Sunrise
Oct 16: Carmichael, Rocklin Sports Complex
Oct. 17: Citrus Heights, Roseville
Oct. 19: Rocklin
Oct. 23: Elk Grove, Pocket
Oct. 24: Folsom, Orangevale
Oct. 25: Greenhaven, Natomas
Oct. 26: Howe, Midtown
Oct. 30: Laguna, McClellan


Oct. 19: Downtown Sacramento

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