Getting Back into the Gym After Baby

I’ve been a Cal-Fit member since 2007. When I first started going to the gym on a regular basis, I was in my early twenties and single without children. Back then I had the luxury of working out in the morning, on a lunch break or after work. I could pick whatever gym location I wanted, and sign up for any class (Pilates or Cardio Kickboxing were my faves!)

Fast-forward eight years, one husband and two babies later, my decisions have to be much more strategic. I need to pick the closest location to our house (shout out to the Howe Avenue Club, which we love), and naturally I have to work around two different nap schedules. Being a mama to one very active toddler and an infant is wonderful, but also downright exhausting. There are a million reasons to skip the gym:

“The baby didn’t sleep well last night”
“The toddler is throwing tantrum #27” 
“I’m so tired I might fall asleep on the treadmill”
“It’s such a hassle to pack up the 56 items we need to leave the house for an hour”

BUT, every time I make the decision to go I’m better for it. Allowing myself an hour to sweat and clear my mind is not only good for me, it’s good for my kids because it makes me a better mom. I have more energy, and it’s a good break for all of us. My son loves Kidz Klub, and how could you not? It comes equipped with a ball-pit!

Before my daughter was born, I had a great gym routine in place. Every day after my son’s nap we went to the Howe Avenue Club. I would spend an hour and a half  doing cardio and lifting weights, while Benjamin played with play dough, made arts and crafts, and of course jumped into the ball-pit 85 different times. The staff knew us BOTH by name, and even got my shy little boy to eventually return the hello and give high-fives (you have to earn it with Benjamin, so color me impressed!) We quickly became regulars, and going to the gym was a highlight for both of us.

After having my daughter this past October, I had to take a few months off until I was cleared by my doctor to resume physical activity.  Getting back into the gym after having a baby is TOUGH, and as I’m currently finding harder the second time around. But, I missed my regular gym routine, and the staff and members at the Howe Avenue Club. I was itching to return and make fitness a part of my regular day like it had always been. So while my mile pace may not currently be the same, or my weights not quite as heavy, I’ll get there.  I have a new fitness goal: lose the remaining baby weight, so in order to mix it up and achieve that goal I may try some Personal Training or Body Fit. As I continue on this journey, I’m going to document it here, so I can share the tips I learn and the progress I’m making. You can also all help me by reading and holding me accountable!

Stay tuned; I can’t wait to share more and soon!

bio_kieferChristina is a busy mama to one very active toddler and an infant, balancing her dreams of staying home with her kids, and a part-time freelance communications gig. She loves the feeling after a good run and enjoys a fairly healthy lifestyle, but also believes life is too short not to eat cupcakes.

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