Getting Creative

blog-thumb_member-perspectivegetting_creativeAs a member of California Family Fitness I have enjoyed taking the many different styles of fitness classes, running on the treadmill, and lifting weights in the free weight room.  However, sometimes I need to spice up my workout and get creative.

One of the cool things about our gym is that you can use any of the fitness equipment available in the gym.  All you need to do is nicely ask a personal trainer how to use it … and make sure that no one is using that equipment.  

There is a lot of fitness equipment available to use, try, and get a sweaty and creative workout in!

I have enjoyed using the box steps to do box jumps. 

I enjoy slamming and throwing around the weighted medicine slam balls.

I enjoy the challenging core and full body workout I get from using the TRX.

I enjoy challenging myself with shaking the weighted rope.

I enjoy working on my passive hangs (still working on that elusive pull up) on the bar.

I am finding joy in strength training by stepping outside of the box and getting creative with my workouts.  I am also enjoying the new found strength I am feeling from challenging myself with these new moves.

If you are feeling bored with your workout routine, check out your local California Family Fitness and use some new equipment to spice up your routine.  Get creative.  Have fun with your workout!  Fitness is fun.

2014-07-10_17.05.43-2Rachel is married to her college sweetheart and is a never-at-home, stay-at-home, homeschooling mother to three boys. She is a mom who runs through life one day at a time. She is also a member of California Family Fitness. She runs for Faith, Family, Fitness, Healthy Food, and Always Fun! Read more about her running adventures at Running Rachel. You can also find her sharing fitness inspiration and humor on her facebook page.
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