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blog-post_partner-workoutsExercise is an important part of your day. Why not include your most important person in that? For new couples it will mean you don’t have to be separated from your new obsession, and for the old married folk, it can spark a new common interest that will promote more than just a healthy body.

Try working out together and encouraging each others efforts. The team building is built right into these 4 fantastic tandem exercises.

Standing Medicine Ball Twist

Stand back to back with your partner holding a medicine ball. Twist to the right or left and pass the medicine ball to your partner, who will then continue whichever direction you decided to go, and hand the ball back to you on the other side. Do 10 reps and then switch directions for another 10.

Leg Throws

Lay down on the floor on your back. Have your partner stand above your head and grab his or her ankles for support. Now raise your legs straight up in the air and have your partner throw your legs back down. Repeat for 25 throws per partner.

Medicine Ball Pass Sit Ups

Sit down facing your partner holding a medicine ball. Execute a sit up at the same time as your partner, and raise the medicine ball above your head as you descend, touching it to the ground behind your head. Sit back up raising the ball forward and pass it to your partner. Repeat for 20, passing the ball back and forth every time.

Partner Squats

Facer your partner and grasp each others hands. Place your feet wider than shoulder width apart and turn your feet out at a 45 degree angle. Execute a plie squat and push through your heels leaning back.

The benefits of working out together go beyond just burning calories and trimming down. Spending time together working on self-improvement will bolster your self-confidence and give you more energy for living life.

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