GTS for a Lean Body

If you are looking to improve your strength and endurance to achieve the long, lean body you desire, it’s time to put the force of gravity to work for you.

The GTS machine is a cutting-edge piece of equipment that uses your own resistance and the force of gravity to customize a whole body workout that is effective, time efficient, and will provide quick results no matter your fitness level.

How does Gravity Training Work?

The Gravity Training System (GTS) uses a free moving glide board and adjustable incline resistance with a pulley system which helps you move beyond a fixed range of motion. As you use your body weight against the force of gravity, you are able to effectively work your core, upper, and lower body muscles groups for a full body workout in as little as half an hour. GTS provides a tremendously effective workout while saving you time.

The Benefits of Training with Gravity

GTS is an effective method to sculpt the tight and firm look you desire with a combination of strength and cardio training. GTS is an incredibly efficient workout that targets multiple muscle groups simultaneously in the cardio zone. You can improve your endurance and strength while working all of the major muscle groups including legs, back, arms and chest. All GTS exercises engage the core. Moving quickly and seamlessly from one exercise to another in continuous movements will keep your heart in the cardiovascular endurance zone and burn more total calories. GTS uses body weight resistance to build lean muscles, and combines it with continuous cardio to melt away fat and reveal the sculpted body below.

Not only does GTS increase the productivity of your workouts, it does so in a more time efficient manner. Transitioning from one movement to another with little need to stop maximizes every minute that you spend on the machine. The GTS machine was designed to decrease the time it takes to fatigue the muscles. Replace your cardio session and separate strength training sessions with one session on the GTS machine. As you glide from one movement to another, you will save the time that would normally be spent moving from one machine or exercise to another.

Competition level athletes, beginners, men and women of all fitness levels can all benefit from GTS.  The incline allows beginner or injured users to avoid bearing their entire weight and minimize joint stress. You don’t have to worry about a plateau with the Gravity Training System, there is always a place to advance.

GTS Group Classes Are Available

GTS group classes provide the attention of specially trained instructors and Certified Personal Trainers in the fun atmosphere of a group class. In a Gravity group, you will learn how to use the GTS machine to reach your specific goals including increasing strength, flexibility, endurance, or improved body composition. Our specially trained instructors are able to correct your body alignment and motivate you through your own personal progression and pace during each session. In a 30-45 minute class, participants of all fitness levels are able to work side by side in a fun, incredibly efficient, revolutionary new workout.

If a tight and lean physique is your ultimate goal, download our free Slim, Trim and Tone ebook for the latest tips and tricks to build lean muscle and melt fat away. Then come join us for a GTS class to discover the body changing force Gravity can have on you.

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