Guest Post - Rocklin Member, Jamie S.

Improvementblog-thumb_rocklinA little bit about me: I have been serving in the United States Air Force as a Security Forces member for five and a half years. I was stationed in Texas for three years and served two tours to Iraq between 2009 – 2011. I was then transferred to Beale AFB in 2012. When I eventually moved to Rocklin in 2013, I decided to join California Family Fitness.

I have always been very athletic and into eating healthy, but after having a baby in January 2013, I couldn't find my spark again to get back into the gym. I felt out of shape and embarrassed to be in a gym with people who looked great! That’s when I decided to hire a Personal Trainer at CFF to hold me accountable. I only did four sessions, but it really was the boost that I needed and gave me the motivation to get back to a healthy lifestyle.

After a couple months of working out I decided to work towards a new fitness goal, NPC Bikini Bodybuilding. Since then my life has changed. I have now gone from 24% body fat and 129 pounds to just 9.5% body fat and 114 pounds in less than three months. I am training for my first NPC Bikini Bodybuilding show in Sacramento, CA on March 29, 2014. This has been a very exciting journey and I am really excited to see the outcome.

My ultimate goal is to be a Personal Trainer and help inspire clients to be the best they can be through health and wellness. My new fitness goals are to be able to go pro in IFBB Bikini Bodybuilding and do fitness modeling.

This journey hasn’t been an easy one, and I’ve had to overcome some obstacles (three knee surgeries and multiple back problems) I work full time and I am a mother of a beautiful little girl, I still make it to the gym every day. The military has really shown me to never give up and that you can always change your life to make it better. I want to help change lives by giving back to people who really need help changing their lives.

Click here to visit my donation page for my upcoming show in March.

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