Guilt Free Child Care

If you’re anything like me, you might feel guilty on occasion about putting your little ones in childcare while you enjoy alone time working out at the gym. If you don’t, I truly envy you. The reality is though that most moms carry some guilt taking time away from their youngsters. I know I do, even if it is for health.  

I’ve been to half of the Cal Fit locations all over the Greater Sacramento Area, Through frequenting many of them, one thing stood out to me, Cal Fit childcare is amazing.  I am probably considered picky when it comes to childcare which is maybe why Cal Fit Kidz Klubs impress me so much. 

Amazing childcare staff: I am constantly raving about Cal Fit’s Kidz Klub and Childcare staff.  They are always happy, smiling and ready to engage with the kiddos. I’ve even seen some of them participate in the games/activities not just facilitate them. It’s really comforting knowing that the people caring for your kids enjoy what they do. I think it has a huge impact on whether your children want to come back next time.  Several locations know my kids by name and even what their favorite activities are. Credit on that one goes to Rocklin Sports, Orangevale and Carmichael-Arden. 
Parents Night Out: Various dates throughout the year where parents can leave their kids for several hours for a very affordable (especially with multiple children) price. While the parents are gone they have themed parties so kids don’t feel like they’re being left out of their parents plans because they have plans of their own.
Socials: Ice Cream socials and other fun themed parties are typically listed on the schedules in or around the Childcare/Kidz Klub area. These are a huge hit with the kids and parents.
Schedule:  Each location has a schedule available online so that you can look to see when different activities might be held. I think this is amazing. Do you know how much some parents pay to have someone else facilitate a basketball game or other athletic activity? I definitely utilize this so my boys can get more exposure to all kinds of sports/fitness. This is especially great for the one just hitting the age where they start sports.
Keeping the kids active: Many of the activities that the childcare team put together involve physical fitness, which helps to encourage the same healthy habits that you are focused on while they are in childcare. It’s kind of fun how it comes around full circle. 
Examples/highlights of the various KidzClub/childcare fitness activities:
6pm on Mondays at Carmichael-Arden Kidz Klub hosts Kids In Motion to encourage physical fitness in children. 
At Orangevale, on weekdays from 5pm-6pm the Kidz Klub hosts a variety of different fitness related games and activities such as Kickball or Capture the Flag. 
Folsom hosts Jr. All Stars where they focus on athletics related skills for kids age 4-11 as well as Jr. Yoga, which teach various yoga skills in a relaxing environment. 
Natomas hosts volleyball at 6pm for kids on Wednesdays. 
The older kids at Elk Grove are encouraged to “Hoop It Up” on Mondays at 6pm.  The youngsters (ages 2-4) can participate in Karate Kidz on Wednesday mornings.
There are so many different activities at all the different locations that possibilities are practically endless.  As a mom, it’s really nice to know that my kids are being engaged and the principles of health, fitness and team work are encouraged to all members of the gym, not just the adult members. 

AUTHOR BIO: Misha is a California Family Fitness member who frequents the Rocklin Sports Complex, Arden and Orangevale locations. She’s also a very busy mama to three adventurous boys under the age of six.

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