Share Happiness with Us!

The United Nations established March 20th as the International Day of Happiness.  This day is a global initiative adopted by all 193 United Nations member states to recognize happiness as a “fundamental human goal”.  People are now recognizing that 'progress' should be about increasing human happiness and wellbeing, not just about economic growth.

The 2019 theme for the International Day of Happiness is “Share Happiness”, and at California Family Fitness, we’ve decided that’s something we want to focus on all month long.  We’re going to be sharing happiness in a variety of ways, concentrating on the importance of relationships, kindness, and each other.  We invite you to find out more about how we’ll be promoting happiness in all 20 of our clubs, and learn about the fun ways you can get involved.

Happiness Walls.  Be on the lookout for some cheerful walls near Cal Fit Kidz Klubs!  Beginning March 1st, our little members and child care attendants will be building Happiness Walls.  The walls will be a space where kids--and anyone else who wants to—can leave a note sharing what activity or place brings them happiness and how they bring happiness to others.  We’re hoping that our walls will help reach the record-breaking goal set by 1,000 Happiness Walls!  Plus, you’ll be able to vote for your favorite Cal Fit Happiness Walls on social media later this month. View our Cal Fit wall locations here.

Spot a Rock.  Sometimes it’s the little things that can put a smile on your face.  Inspired by The Kindness Rocks Project, we’re painting rocks and hiding them for others to find.  We can all use a bit of unexpected cheer, and leaving a colorful rock with an inspirational design, funny image, or uplifting phrase for someone to find is a simple way to spread love.  Children in our Kidz Klubs will get a chance to paint and hide rocks, and you can, too! 


Throughout the month of March, we encourage you to find or hide your own Happy Rock in a place that brings you joy. 

  • Take a picture of it and post it on social media. 
  • Tag the location so others can look for it, and make sure to add #happyacts and #calfitrocks to your post. 
  • We’ll give the first 200 people to post #calfitrocks a Menchie’s gift certificate and 250 Cal Fit Perks points!  (Non-members will get a $50 merchandise and travel voucher in lieu of points). 

If you find a happy rock and want to take it home, you can!  We just ask that you replace it with another happy rock.  They are unbelievably fun to create—find some great ideas here.

Spread Happiness. Become a Happy Activist! Perform a simple act of kindness each day during the month of March. We love these ideas, or you can download the 31 ideas for happy acts, below. You can also get fun graphic images to promote the International Day of Happiness on your personal social media here. Watch Cal Fit social media for daily suggestions of simple ways to show kindness and bring happiness to your community, your family, and yourself.MaskedHelper

We’re excited to promote happiness with you during the month of March, and look forward to the positive effects your efforts to share kindness will have on our community. Let’s get happy!

31 Happy Acts Download