Healthy Habits Can Last a Lifetime

Americans spend nearly $10 billion per year on self-improvement books and feel-good products. And yet, everlasting vitality is simply never dropped on your doorstep like your neighbor’s old newspaper. In fact, life-enhancing good habits tend to require sheer repetition and community support.

Though change is often difficult, you may create several new pathways for different behaviors that can help support your exercise intention and lifestyle efforts. They might include smoking cessation and weight loss goals.

On average, studies show that it takes 5 to 12 weeks before a new healthy habit may be set in stone. Plus, your individual success generally depends on your schedule, personality, willpower, and a supportive environment.

Healthy Habits Do Make You Happy 

Several years ago professor of Psychology and Business at University of Southern California, Wendy Wood oversaw studies on sustaining healthy food and exercise habits along with David T. Neal at Duke University. They studied consistent exercise and nutrition lifestyle behaviors and reported their findings in “Healthy Through Habit: Interventions for Initiating and Maintaining Health Behavior Change” introducing new thoughts on beginning and sustaining long-term healthy food and exercise habits.

Start Small

Start off with small attainable goals and start creating a consistent well-planned fitness regimen. Make it a priority – it might be as simple as walking 10 extra minutes a day. Or you might take half of your lunch hour to stretch out on your yoga mat.

Sweat Early

Rise and shine because whether you like it or not, exercise and other good-for-ya practices – like eating a nutritous breakfast – are best served first thing in the morning. For example, set out your favorite gym clothes the night before, commit to morning workouts and get moving! Setting an alarm on your phone for your favorite class will help, even set two.  This  will encourage you to follow through your new morning ritual, creating healthy habits, feeling accomplished and ready to start the day!

Buddy Up

Choose a new trainer or fitness friend who can run faster, lift heavier and who never takes “no” for an answer. Bring a friend or two to help support your exercise goals, and hold you accountable. Plus it's more fun when a buddy is there!

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