Healthy Meals on the Go

If you have a to-do list that’s a mile long, chances are you are always on the go. Quality fuel on a regular basis is what keeps your body’s engine running, so even on your busiest days, you’ll benefit from making sure you have access to nutritious, easy meals. Here are some tips for eating healthy when you are short on time.

Set aside some time each week for a prep day.

  • Divide out food into individual serving sizes and store in containers that will be easy to grab on your way out the door.
  • Wash and cut fruits and vegetables ahead of time.
  • Prepare and store a few freezer meals.

Store fruit that doesn’t need to be peeled or sliced where you can see and reach it easily. Don’t be afraid to move it out of the kitchen and onto a shelf near the door in your home that gets the most traffic.

Protein keeps hunger at bay. Have some protein snacks on hand that you can nosh on without heating:

  • boiled eggs
  • low-fat cheese sticks
  • jerky
  • edamame
  • cottage cheese
  • pumpkin seeds
  • grilled chicken skewers.

Keep a small cooler in your vehicle--and a few ice packs in your freezer--so you have a place to store food keep it cool if you’ll be away from home for most of the day.

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