Healthy Through the Holidays

Holidays are approaching. The season of candy, cookies, cake, pie, and unnecessarily large portion sizes is upon us. It’s always hard to turn down that homemade cookie in the office or the handful of Boyscout popcorn the neighbor sold you last month, I know- I’m right there with you. 

I’ve worked out my entire life. Through three kids, a divorce, and restarting my career after being a stay at home mom, I have managed to stay in pretty good shape. But it wasn’t easy. It takes work.  But like everything else, life is all about choices, right?

I always feel better about the holidays when I feel fit. When I feel like I have taken care of myself. I feel confident allowing myself that piece of cake, knowing that I can afford it. Knowing that I worked for it. Just like a monetary currency, you are the transactor of your calories. Choose wisely. If you don’t like how many calories you have to spend, earn some more.

Late fall last year, a few gals from my Mom’s Club were discussing the weight they gain over the holidays, which inevitably transfers over to a New Year’s resolution. I remember thinking to myself, why wait for New Years? Why wait until you’ve dug a hole and gained the 15 pounds that you never wanted to, and now you’re hoping find this new found motivation to get into the gym… along with the rest of the world who have also decided to hit the treadmills on January 1st

Why not start a workout plan now? Because here is the difference: if you start your workout plan now, you can enjoy the holidays, feeling good about yourself, feeling good about the New Year, and create a healthy life-long habit before the gyms are crowded with the New Year resolution masses.  You feel healthier, you feel sexier, you feel younger, and you feel okay about having that piece of cake because you earned it. 

Get into the gym. The first step is going.  Work a little harder, or walk/run/jump/lift a little longer.  If you need help, there are trainers at every single location that can get you on a plan that works.  Invest the time and energy into your health before you’ve packed on the holiday weight.  Making those changes now will set you up for success in 2016 instead of trying to dig yourself out of a hole that you only dug deeper as 2015 came to a close.

Don’t know where to start?  Start with a month of Body Fit.  I’ve done Body Fit for a year and a half because I love knowing that I will be held accountable and at the expectation that I need to progress. Knowing that the trainers would push me in ways I couldn’t push myself is invaluable. Try out those classes until you find the right trainer. Because you can drop in on any Body Fit classes, you can try out different trainers. Once you’ve found a trainer that understands your goals and you feel comfortable with, they can customize a workout plan that works for you.  You may find after getting into the habit of attending these classes, maybe Body Fit small group personal training is all you need.  Or you may need something more personalized.  Either way, invest in your health. Start working towards your goals now so that the holidays don’t get you down. Make this season a guilt free, happy time to celebrate all you are grateful for, including your health.

blog-post_300x250_familyAUTHOR BIO: Misha is a California Family Fitness member who frequents the Rocklin Sports Complex, Arden and Orangevale locations. She’s also a very busy mama to three adventurous boys under the age of six. 

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